1. Christopher Adamchek

    Kali level 1 test highlight reel

    Thought you guys might enjoy! Here is a fun highlight reel of one of my students testing for level 1 in our kali program The test included demonstration of basic skills and attack simulations of our empty hand, kubotan, stick, and knife material. Level 1 of our program puts a high focus on...
  2. Natt

    Arnis/Escrima stick fighting in Maryland?

    Anyone know a place that teaches Arnis, escrima, kali stick fighting in Maryland? Private lessons maybe
  3. U

    Want to learn self defense? Advice or tips?

    Hi, So I'm new on this website and I thought it would be a good idea to ask for self defense advice. I did taekwondo for six years and wing chun for 10 months. And fitness kickboxing for two months. However, I still am not confident these styles will help me as I'm sure you know that they...
  4. P

    "A brain in each hand"

    Hi, Recently I was reading an FMA Informative issue on Serrada Escrima. The article nicely described the training methods. One goal of the training is to develop both sides of the body such that the parrying hand has a mind of its own. While this idea is a common theme among different styles...