1. ZockerSWAT

    How do I make my Legs more flexible?/ What do I need? (Muay Thai "beginner")

    Hello everyone! I am 14 year old, I weigh in about 56kg (~123 pounds) and I am 183cm (~6 feet) tall. In Germany, there arent any Muay Thai or some kind of MMA Gyms withing 1 Hour (The nearest is at least 3h). I allways have been pretty tall and I got pretty long arms as well, so I thought, that...
  2. D

    Target Practice Chest Protector?

    Can anyone recommend a chest protector with added cushion for concentrated target practice? I have a kicking shield and a traditional TKD chest protector but am looking for something that's sorta the best of both, so I can serve as human kicking target for a young (12 years old) student...
  3. Lilyana Nikolova

    Please help me for my final year Research - Problems Associated with Martial Arts

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I didn't know where exactly to post, so I decided to start in this section. I am final year(undergraduate) Product Design student in University of Huddersfield and I need help with my major project research. I chose Martial arts as its an interest of mine. I...
  4. O

    Just fell in a weapons gold-mine looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, Recently I stumbled upon what appears to be a weapons gold mine. This Sword-smith from Ocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico just moved in next door I Googled this Ocotlan place and it turns out that there is a rich swordsmithing history there, they do everything from functional historical...
  5. TieXiongJi

    Looking for Invention Inspiration

    Hi All! I am an engineer and martial artist. I have a few ideas for self defense equipment for professional use, but I would love to hear the problems you see while working in security, bouncing, defending yourself... Please describe the situation where you may need some additional equipment...
  6. vandiepen145

    College Student Seeking Info about MMA

    I am a college student and for my senior experience project I am to find the different market segments of the MMA industry. If anyone would be willing to answer the questions below to help give me some incite on the consumer, that'd be great! Also, any other info you would like to share and...