1. Ivan

    Struggling a lot with discipline since injury

    Hi guys. I am writing as I'd like your advice. Around half a year back I injured my ankle badly as a result of a toe hold submission. I did not fully tear a ligament, but I did have to take a break as everytime I went back into training, someone would step on it or accidentally twist it and...
  2. E

    Training my consciousness?

    TL/DR: What practical tools, techniques, and practices should I adopt to firm up my focus? Joined this forum for the sole purpose of receiving feedback on this issue. The forum gets straight to the point and provides a category for the disciplines, so I am still unsure of where else this...
  3. Anarax

    Martial Art Students using Dojo for daycare/convenience

    I've been attending the same Dojo for years and enjoy the high quality training it provides. However; there are several adult students that feel it's appropriate to bring their kids(ages 1-8) to class. It's not a kids class, thus they don't participate. They run around, slam equipment on the...
  4. Millennial Martial Artist

    Why Did you Start Training? Parents: was it for Discipline for Your Kids?

    Hey everyone! I wanted to get some feedback on others thoughts. In our school, we have been talking a lot about discipline: what it is, what it means, and how kids can better use it. I've found that I saw this a lot for our younger kids: the ones who have trouble standing still, let alone being...
  5. vandiepen145

    College Student Seeking Info about MMA

    I am a college student and for my senior experience project I am to find the different market segments of the MMA industry. If anyone would be willing to answer the questions below to help give me some incite on the consumer, that'd be great! Also, any other info you would like to share and...