1. Ivan

    Improvements in my shadowboxing

    Hey guys. Ive been working on your advice since the last time I posted as well asked for advice on an amateurs boxing forum. I was told I needed to focus on punching at head height and full extension in my punches. I have also started to introduce blocks as part of my shadowboxing, and also I...
  2. Ivan

    Attempting on-your-toes boxing footwork - please critique!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry to be a bother, I know it's only been a couple of days since my last post with footage of me, but given that I am shifting my footwork almost completely, I thought it was important to get feedback on it sooner than usual to avoid getting into bad habits. I'd rather focus on...
  3. Ivan

    Can I have some more criticism on my shadowboxing and heavy bag work?

    Shadowboxing Heavybag I have mainly been focusing on improving my footwork and technique and I am slowly making more progress with my infighting boxing as I wish to utilize the peekaboo boxing style. Please give me some criticism, specifically on footwork and technique :D
  4. Ivan

    Darth Maul Staff style

    Hey guys, I've owned a Bo for about a year or so now and have attempted teaching myself some basic Okinawan Kobudo and Shaolin Wushu with it. I always found Shaolin extremely uncomfortable (though I got used to Kobudo, eventually) as my father had taught me the use of a staff with a double...
  5. Ivan

    More of me shadow boxing with the feedback from the last thread

    Hey, I filmed myself shadowboxing again and took on your feedback from last time. This time I concentrated a lot more on technique and power rather than relaxation and speed. I wanted you guys to see and give me some feedback to improve. Hopefully you guys will think this is an improvement, and...
  6. Ivan

    Please critique my front kick

    I have recorded myself doing the front kick on both legs in four different manners. Back right leg front kick, front right leg front kick, back left leg front kick, and front left leg front kick. Prior to me filming this video, I practiced by doing 400 front kicks, 100 for each position. Note...