1. EMT

    Muay Thai combinations

    A thread to share your favorite and most effective Muay Thai combos I'll start with my favorite 4-count combos: (Left) kick to the body + cross + jab + (right) kick to the body Jab + cross + (Left) hook + (right) leg kick Cross + (left) elbow + (right) short hook + (right) elbow Muay Thai...
  2. EMT

    Muay Thai combinations

  3. EMT

    Muay Thai combinations

  4. EMT

    Kickboxing combinations (list)

    I've noticed that there is a lack of sites with Kickboxing combinations on the internet. And Kickboxing is like a younger brother to Muay Thai so I had to do something about it. I wrote this post with a brief list of simple and more advanced Kickboxing combinations. I'm thinking about writing...
  5. NinjaChristian

    Jumping Lead Switch/ Round house combo

    Posted this video on the "favorite combos" in General Martial arts talk. It's me doing a combo that I have used before in sparring, plus some jumping round kicks.