1. M

    Can i replace cup with socks?

    So i can't find a cup but wouldn't some rolled up sock absorb the impact? If i get kicked without a cup my nuts are toasted but if atleast i have some socks i can walk the next day right? I punched my nuts with some socks in my underwear and it did hurt less but a kick is much stronger so i am...
  2. M

    How often i am gonna get kicked in the nuts if i join a martial arts class?

    Do i really gonna need a cup?How much those absorb the impact,i heard that after a few kicks they can breake. I won't buy a new cup every month
  3. J. Pickard

    Class schedules

    Just curious to know how others run their class schedule. Im always looking for ways to improve. Our school runs 6 days a week. Beginners Monday and Tuesday, intermediate and advanced colored belts Wednesday and Thursday. Black belt Friday and Saturday. Black belts are also allowed to attend...
  4. D

    How take a hit well

    Hey guys, I sometimes struggle with fear of getting hit, but I dont want let it affect me, especially when it comes to sparring. How do you guys face this fear?
  5. F

    How to create respect in your Dojo

    I have been teaching tkd for about a year and half and one thing that I have always struggled with is respect, I mostly teach kids and the often want to talk during class constantly or just go into their own little world and stop listening when I'm talking to them. I understand there kids, but i...
  6. R

    Requirements for becoming school/branch instructor.

    Different schools and organizations have different requirements for earning the responsibility of teaching and running a class. In my school an instructor has to have a minimum rank of 1st Dan to be an instructor. Typically after getting your black belt you would have been helping out in class...