1. R

    Looking for a training partner in the NoVa/DC area

    Hello, Tang Soo Do and GoJu Ryu practitioner here. Looking for a training partner to practice with. Don't care what style you are since all styles have something you can learn from. Really just looking for someone who enjoys body conditioning, bunkai and sharing/exchanging knowledge...
  2. Ademadis

    Bunkai for Nukite?

    Just wondering what and how Nukite uchi (spear hand strike) is used. I've been thinking it over and I can only see it being applied to the neck and belly area. Surely striking with the tips of your fingers is going to do more damage to you than the other person?
  3. M

    A little bunkai question

    I'd really like to know what people make of the "Fourth move" in Saifa/Saiha. That sideways step and double block movement. Everyone I've asked seems to think it is just a transitional move to set up the kick, I have another opinion. I'd also like to get the opinions from any style, Judo...