buddha hand wing chun

  1. futsaowingchun

    The Siu Baat Qua foot Work Form

    This is Buddha Hand Wing Chun's 4th form called Sui Baat Qua, or the little octagon. This form is an advanced footwork form taught to senior advance student in the Fut Sao or Buddha Hand Wing Chun system. This form is revealed for the first time to the general public for educational purposes and...
  2. futsaowingchun

    Fut Sao wing Chun Wooden Dummy

    I just posted this for public viewing something very rare. late 1960's I believe of the Fut Sao wooden dummy as perform by Sifu Henry Leung early student..Henry Leung owned a restaurant in chinatown NYC and if you look closely the dummy is inside the restaurant..This is how he used to train his...