1. Ivan

    Help with diaphragmatic breathing?

    Hi. Over the past few months I have tailored my gym routine to be more strength, rather than hypertrophy based, so that I can combine all of my training towards a common goal rather than keeping gym and martial arts separate. During my breaks between reps, I do my best to practice diaphragmatic...
  2. Grimlon332

    How to breath properly in Karate?

    One of my always pending question about practicing karate, is how do you breath properly in different circumstances (striking, blocking, evading...). Most people and senseis, tend to reply that you block the air when you are punching, and at the last moment, you let it go, so it can do a...
  3. Darrencowan

    The Real Mister Miyagi?

    I'm not sure if Mr. Miyagi from the karate kid was truly inspired by this dude, but Miyagi of real life Goju Ryu was a legend. For one, he was not a stranger to hard ship. He knew terrible hardships, but he never gave in and always kept his focus of balancing hard with soft. I discovered him...
  4. Darrencowan

    Martial Arts and Entertainers

    Many great entertainment legends have studied MA. Elvis, Kareem, Glenn Danzig, Def Leppard...etc. I just got off the phone doing an interview with death metal legend, Chris Barnes. Barnes is one of the oldest, most respected artists in the biz. You can see him on Ace Ventura. Anyhow, he is...
  5. I

    hello from London RMA Systema

    Hi guys, Thanks to accept my joining request. My name is Istvan. Born in Hungary. I studied Wing Tsun for about 4.5 years after a rough childhood to understand 'control'. 8+ years Silat practise, 3+ years RMA Systema experience and 20 odd years later I'm still searching. :) I've got closer and...
  6. Nanuqcz

    Siu Lim Tao - Proper breathing

    Hello, how should I breath in Siu Lim Tao form? Especially when to breath in, and when to breath out? My Sifu said it is not important, when I asked him. But I don't beleave it. That's why I am asking you here. Based on Qi Gong, I suppose this principles: 1) When my arms goes close to my body...