1. Ivan

    On the efficacy of Mexican Lucha Libre

    I've been playing Tekken quite a lot recently, and one of the things that really strikes me about this game is how realistic a lot of the moves in it are. Of course, I am not talking about shooting lighting from Heihachi's fist or summoning Tigers out of thin air, but the movements themseleves...
  2. Ivan

    Darth Maul Staff style

    Hey guys, I've owned a Bo for about a year or so now and have attempted teaching myself some basic Okinawan Kobudo and Shaolin Wushu with it. I always found Shaolin extremely uncomfortable (though I got used to Kobudo, eventually) as my father had taught me the use of a staff with a double...
  3. Ivan

    Made a website for you guys

    I have made a website in which I write different articles related to martial arts. I have written three so far, and I thought you guys might be interested. It's Martial Fury So far I've written articles about The Carnivore Diet and The correct way to throw a hook The third article is just my...
  4. Superperson

    Moving And Switching Schools

    This might be a sill question but I wanted advice on how to go about switching schools when moving out of state. I'm currently a purple belt in Hapkido and have been going to a school I love. Whats fun about the school is that I'm learning Tweakondo along side my Hapkido as well as taking a...
  5. D

    Is it possible to lose skill from learning too many styles?

    By that I mean, let's say you are comfortable with your knowledge of martial arts, but you want to learn something new just to stay active or compete in tournaments. Is it possible that one day you get attacked, and you find that you don't instinctively use the skills you were comfortable with...
  6. Douwe Geluk

    How Chuen Kungfu trailer by Douwe Geluk

    How Chuen Kungfu is something of a Monkey art. I studied the art under Fred Decramer he said he took the system from Indonesia and learnt it from.Chinese immigrants. So it merely is a form of kungfu or kuntao i suppose. I trained it for about 10 years but stopped around 1996 . We trained in...
  7. RandyTMA

    Name is Randy and i practise Kung Fu

    My name is Randy from Apeldoorn in Europe. my country is the Netherlands. And I love fishing, food, sports, shopping and ofcourse especially martial arts Ive practised krav maga, tai chi, hung gar, boxing and at the moment kungfu The style i practlise is, Five Animal Kung Fu also called Ng Ying...
  8. Douwe Geluk

    Tai Chi Apeldoorn

    Tai Chi school Apeldoorn In Holland a.k.a. the Netherlands (europe) i have my school for Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Qong and Kungfu. I am Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn, nice to meet you. My surname is Geluk in Dutch: which means happy, Lucky so my school name is: Tai Chi Apeldoorn Source of Happiness...
  9. A

    What martial art is this man using?

    The fighter wearing white shoes is named Coco Martin, a Filipino actor.