1. Kenposcholar

    What do you want in a MA blog?

    What would you like to see in a martial art blog? I'm a professional physicist & also have been studying American Kenpo for nearly 15 years. What kinds of topics do you find lacking from other blogs that my profession could help with? I've been considering making short reads about principles...
  2. Kenposcholar

    What'd your method of teaching the Dimensional Zone Theory? When?

    At what point do you teach the Dimensional Zone Theory to your students and how? Our school doesn't particularly have a point in time, specific technique, or form that we teach this concept. Same thing about the four quadrants. Thanks, Kenposcholar :)
  3. Kenposcholar

    Glad to finally join a forum!

    Hi! My name is David and I am joining a forum to broaden my discussion with other martial artists. I am from Jim Mitchell's lineage of American Kenpo under grandmaster Ed Parker. Most of my life has been spent training in Kenpo (13 years) and I want to hear other opinions about the arts from...