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  1. Kemposhot

    Another good day of training

    I’ve found the foam roller to be one of the better training supplements. Though it’s time consuming for me at least. I’ll often take 20-30 minutes pre workout to roll out the legs, however, after that my legs feel great even after a strenuous workout.
  2. Kemposhot

    Should I Return to Martial Arts

    Always make time for the kids. They’re only young once, and they change so much so fast as they grow. I’m not sure how old they are, but I noticed while practicing during covid that my 5 year old daughter was copying me while i was doing forms. I began to show her stuff and have fun with it...
  3. Kemposhot

    Adopt a cop BJJ program

    This sounds like a great idea to keep officers involved in training and refining their skill set.
  4. Kemposhot

    Coolest Real thing that you have ever experienced in Martial Arts

    Good time! Having invested in a camcorder around the early days of my training in the early 2000’s has proven to be a cool thing to look back on. It’s both awesome and funny to see some of the mistakes and progress made over the years.
  5. Kemposhot

    Mental Strength

    I agree 100%. Over the years; all these additional benefits to Martial Arts has been what’s kept me steady with it for so long.
  6. Kemposhot

    Pain compliance techniques - yay or nay?

    Few would argue with that. I’d even suggest you raise the educational requirements since they’d be getting paid a better wage as well.
  7. Kemposhot

    Pain compliance techniques - yay or nay?

    The big thing you need to ask yourself is, if you want a more professional police force with significantly better training and higher educational levels you need to pay them like professionals. With a few exceptions, policing is not a highly paid profession across most of the US. Do you...
  8. Kemposhot

    Pain compliance techniques - yay or nay?

    The issue is that in some places (like New York City) they’ve now made any accidental or intentional pressure on the upper torso or neck area a misdemeanor for cops to use. In their infinite wisdom they’re pretty much telling them either use batons, punch kick etc or let the criminal escape and...
  9. Kemposhot

    2021 Goals!

    I’d like to get back to training in class regularly, of course that depends on the pandemic ending. In 2020 I reviewed on my own a lot, and would like to keep that level of self-practice consistent through 2021.
  10. Kemposhot

    Mental Strength

    I like how you mentioned your sleeping and training habits. I’m not sure your age, but you sound young, and I think this is where you’ll see how your mental strength and discipline really goes against the norm. A friend of mine who trained in a neighboring school had a fantastic tradition...
  11. Kemposhot

    What Percentage of People Have Achieved the Rank of Shodan or Equivalent?

    I recall when I tested for black belt the head of my system of Kempo told us during the test (for motivation) that only 1 in 100 students in the system make it to shodan. Also that only 1 in 50 of those shodans continue to 2nd Dan. I don’t know how realistic those numbers are. In my own...
  12. Kemposhot

    have a good one boys & girls

    Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to hoping for a better year this year!
  13. Kemposhot

    Article on Krav Maga

    We started training with this mentality in my system as well a few years back. It makes logical sense, people will attempt to mimic what they see. Also as you said, no telling how many people out there have taken some basic mma classes at their local gym or train with their friends who do.
  14. Kemposhot

    Article on Krav Maga

    I would say many of these points have benefited the respective systems. TMA is now more aware of ground fighting, “reality” self defense scenarios thanks to these modalities becoming more mainstream in the last 20 years. I know in my own personal experience in my TMA training, there’s now...
  15. Kemposhot


    Many of these jobs have particular traits in common. A sense of public trust, responsibility and directly dealing with people and the public at large. Although number 10 of civil servants is kind of vague, which professions are they speaking about?
  16. Kemposhot

    Is kicking air without a target bad for you?

    Perhaps consult with a doctor as to if it could cause damage? He/she may be able to advise you on better methods of practice to achieve the same goal with less risk of injury. Also, it would allow an evaluation of where you’re at. It sounds like you’re young, don’t injure yourself that’ll end...
  17. Kemposhot


    I tend to agree with many of the above posters. I’ve trained with a physician for many years who is an excellent martial artists, as are his 2 children who also train. Aside from chiming in every so often on specific damage a particular move or strike causes he doesn’t bring it up as much...
  18. Kemposhot

    Doing forms with eyes closed

    I’ve tried it before to varying degrees of success. It’s fun, and definitely can help improve stance and grounding.
  19. Kemposhot

    Self defense against a cougar

    Read in another article that the Cougar was young and not fully grown which explains how he was able to fight it off. Either way, that’s gotta be some scary moments.
  20. Kemposhot

    6 month review of Krav Maga

    Krav has been something I’ve wanted to join for a while. Would you say it compliments a traditional system well?
  21. Kemposhot

    Incorporating modern weapons into a curriculum

    I tend to agree with many of the above posters, referring students to an outside authority is a good thing if you yourself aren’t trained in Firearm usage. As far as working it into the curriculum, it becomes a bit more of a debated area. We live in a modern world, and as recent events show...
  22. Kemposhot

    The Rumbler

    We use them. It sounds weird but is definitely more of an attention getter then the traditional sirens.
  23. Kemposhot

    your memories

    I have done this. I usually try and update it every 6 months or so. Its a good way to be able to reflect on how much you've learned/changed. Not to mention I've met many good people doing the martial arts and I like that I have a good record of it all.
  24. Kemposhot

    a weee chuckle for the day

    Lol that was great
  25. Kemposhot

    The courtesy of a call...

    In a small group I think a bit more is expected as one person being absent really effects the class. If a call or text can help that out then it shouldn't be to much to ask for as a text message saying you can't make it can take a maximum or what 30 seconds to type out? While as in a big...
  26. Kemposhot

    21 Reasons To Hate The Airlines

    The bullet train would be an awesome way to travel.
  27. Kemposhot

    Ohio Bar Security Guard Shoots 2

    The fact that these guys were willing to get violent over $2 is unbelivable. I used to work security myself, it can be a scary feeling when you're that out numbered. Good for the guard for protecting himself.
  28. Kemposhot

    Woman stabs rapist with pocket knife

    Excellent case of self defense. I hope the best for her, a great example how being armed can really even the playing field.
  29. Kemposhot

    Kata & Its Applications

    For grappling I would have to say it depends on a lot. It's better than nothing, and teaches alright positions and stances, however, without actually practicing grappling the very few kata techniques would not be enough.
  30. Kemposhot

    Well, there goes my “I’m too old” excuse

    Very impressive. Gotta love stories like these, really make you feel like you can keep doing this stuff forever.