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  1. Hollywood1340

    ok, Rousey is the real deal, clearly

    So a Bronze medal in the Olympics doesn't prove you're the real deal?
  2. Hollywood1340

    The Shire in Montana

    Nice to see my state in the news for something decent. A good change.
  3. Hollywood1340

    Squeezing The Peach: Technique Discussion

    I like what Mr. Tatum has to say about the technique in this video.
  4. Hollywood1340

    Fox to cancel "Americas Most Wanted"

    So is every other network there Bob. Ever hear of a great show called Firefly?
  5. Hollywood1340

    Do bullwhips count as weapons?

    That man is Anthony Delongis. This video should answer some questions. Below are my own thoughts on the matter. 've found when it comes to martial arts and whips there are two types of people. Those that do, and those that don't. And I don't care to listen to those that don't. If you have a...
  6. Kenpo at supersonic speeds

    Kenpo at supersonic speeds

  7. Smiling


  8. Kenpo at supersonic speeds

    Kenpo at supersonic speeds

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  10. Kenpo at supersonic speeds

    Kenpo at supersonic speeds

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  12. Whip Pictures

    Whip Pictures

    Photos of me and whips!
  13. Whip Pictures

    Whip Pictures

    Photos of me and whips!
  14. Whip Pictures

    Whip Pictures

    Photos of me and whips!
  15. Hollywood1340

    'Beliefs' in martial arts.

    In the end your arguing YOUR believe and stating it as fact. Doesn't work that way. Use "I think" and "I believe" but it's not my fact. So I'm glad to hear what you think, but please don't speak for me. I don't appreciate it ;)
  16. Hollywood1340

    Knife Fighting Lies

    If they are going to apply science to it, why are they wearing traditional uniforms and fighting with swords?
  17. Hollywood1340

    USA Coach punches Canadian in face after fight at US Open

    Yup TKD respect and sport. Gotta love it!
  18. Hollywood1340

    Soo Bahk Do Non-Contact Sparring, Should It Evolve to Light/Medium Contact?

    If you ever want to evolve it out of martial fantasy land I'd say you better. We want to get hit IN the dojang, not out of it.
  19. Hollywood1340

    Gadgets Apple 'User-Proofing' iPhones With Unremovable Screws, Sources Say

    Why I read Gizmodo. You should too. Every weekday.
  20. Hollywood1340

    Is a horse a motor vehicle?

    I know where I live a horse is a motor vehicle. You can tie them to parking meters but you must pay for the time they are there.
  21. Hollywood1340

    A Brief History of Taekwon-Do by General Choi

    I do notice the drum role wasn't answered. This has been most entertaining.
  22. Hollywood1340

    Shooting infants...

    *Insert gun joke here* I have a lot of them but I'll let yo pick it. Sorry, it was right there!
  23. Hollywood1340

    Bujinkan as religious org. and christian practitioners

    Are we talking YOUR Christianity or mine? Because I don't think they're the same here.
  24. Hollywood1340

    What make a successful TKD school

    One might say that keeping your school the way it is but more people through the door is mutually exclusive. Change may be necessarily to get more people through the door. And that's not a bad thing.
  25. Hollywood1340

    Article: Nissan’s new Leaf is the perfect commuter car

    I'm sorry I can't get into this electric hybrid stuff. Buy a diesel, get good mileage, plenty of room to do stuff and able to fuel in less the five minutes all over the country. ESPECIALLY in this country, look what BMW did so the Smart Car or the North American audience!
  26. Hollywood1340

    Chuck Norris to be made honorary Texas Ranger

    Used to think that too until I read his books. Now he's everything I fear about America.
  27. Hollywood1340

    Most Disprepectful Thing

    Asking me to respect your rank on the internet. Don't tell me about your rank, show me your rank when you post and in what you say. That's what I'll respect.
  28. Hollywood1340

    Another Rank Discussion: Asking For It

    I've seen rank held for political reasons but never seen anyone ask for it.
  29. Hollywood1340

    Wow! Here's a 7 year old that's worthy...

    I'd dignify that with a response but it's gone over your head so I won't. Needless to say I don't put much faith in "counter hits".