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  1. Tensei85

    Hey Everyone again!

    Hey Jenna, everyone. Its going great here, thanks for asking. Sorry for the late reply just been busy with the new job so not much time to frequent Forums, maybe thats a good thing lol. I hope everyone is doing well & training hard. Best wishes
  2. Tensei85

    7 Star Mantis Kung Fu vs. Tae Kwon Do

    I think since this thread has been resurrected for whatever reason, I'll lay out a few brief things. 1st. One of the basic principles in 7 Star Mantis is that we use soft against hard, we train these principles through the use of Sap Yi Yao Sau '12 Soft techniques'. 2nd We also train the...
  3. Tensei85

    Hey, how r u? Hows things in Michigan?

    Hey, how r u? Hows things in Michigan?
  4. Tensei85

    7 star footwork?

    Haha thanks man, yea I'm doing great in fact. Moved to Germany so checking out some of the Wing Chun & Northern Mantis practitioners out here, its quite enjoyable. Likewise I hope everything has been good with yourself.
  5. Tensei85

    Hey Everyone again!

    Thanks for the welcome, everything is well just been going through a lot of changes even country wise lol. Good to see most of the old posters are still around :)
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    7 star footwork?

    I think what was entitiled by this was rather the "star footwork" which essentially is a way to train footwork both directionally & angle wise. Though a general star would be 5 points not 7 it can be assumed that the extra two may be a variation in agles or stepping patterns nothing extreme...
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    Hey Everyone again!

    Hey, just wanted to stop in & say hi. Its been awhile MT, hope everyone is doing well in training & health. All the best
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    Praying Mantis and Longevity.

    Northern Mantis is a great system, but is also important to understand the underlying elements of this system, Including the concepts & principles that help govern it. I'll outlay a few brief elements that I've been working on for translating from my Sifu's notes & WHF's works. Alot of these...
  9. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    Aaron, sorry don't have time to address all your post or even read it, Trying to balance two jobs, going to school & a girlfriend, not easy but all that aside. Nah, never said I attented the groundbreaking historic black flag or whatever seminar which you attended obviously or we would have...
  10. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    P.S. I'm glad you guys are amazed at HKB & are enjoying the training, awesome more power to you, I hope you guys develop amazing skill at it but everything that is released to the public should be questioned & even scrutinized, Master Meng taught me this btw. Including HFY for that much, I don't...
  11. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    Nah, the 1st two they demonstrated SCP but not instructed, thus my question & ya misunderstandings, limitations in knowledge whatever you wanna chalk it up to. Why so defensive? Just questions, if you wanna see alterior motives that's on you. Dude, if you have questions on anything just ask...
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    Help- Translation needed!

    Haha, kinda funny then Aaron, I paid for it as a seminar fee, so its not a seminar? than can I get my seminar fee's back? As it was only two meetings that discussed HKB in a seminar format. Interesting btw you were at neither, so you wouldn't have seen me there. As you have only recently...
  13. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    Is this unique to HKB? Haha, I thought it was called training... hmm, guess I was wrong all along.
  14. Tensei85

    no right or wrong

    I think its fine to have variations, as variation is the spice of life or I think that's how that line goes. But really the variation should be in line with Wing Chun principles not so much concepts as concepts can vary greatly, lead you to the point of something differing greatly from Wing...
  15. Tensei85

    Wing Chun and MMA

    Off track, but I've trained at a MMA gym for a few years in the past. I've seen 1st hand MMA work on the street, I've watched an MMA guy incapacitate 3 guys at a bar haha good times. So this stuff does work, IMO I think the only difference between Mixed Martial Arts & Traditional Martial Arts...
  16. Tensei85

    Four parts of training...

    Hey Geezer, Haha Im with you on that one, especially with Academics, Personal relationships & the occasional Frat party! I've actually been seperating my training for instance Mon-Wed-Fri I concentrate mainly on Conditioning; Cycling, Running, Cardio, Abs training etc... Tue-Thu-Sat; I do...
  17. Tensei85

    I want a Mook Jong!

    I think one thing to note for Muk Jong shopping is not how much time for shipping haha I know u can't wait to get your hands on your brand new Muk Jong but remember quality is definitely important. So if it takes longer is not much of a dilemma compared to if its good quality, I've always...
  18. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    @Sgerhardt45, Ya I would have to say the concept of the flag system is relatively new, having past experience in Hung Fa Yi, as well as Ip Man Wing Chun & others I've never heard of the Flag system representation other than when Black Flag Wing Chun came out, so marketing scheme or newly...
  19. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    Im Curious what new research has the VTM uncovered on HKB Eng Chun that can be released to the public? In regards you state that the Black Flag was the 1st lodge, most important & stayed in Fukien. Is this just oral history, or is there evidence that validates this claim? This is more of a...
  20. Tensei85

    Help with a new style choice...

    I think one thing that needs to be noted is Northern/Southern Arts, personally I have found struggles with crosstraining Wing Chun/7 Star Mantis, they are both awesome systems in their own rights but have huge differences in training methodology & I've found challenges in this. Where one is...
  21. Tensei85

    Song of Wing Chun

    Each Family of Wing Chun or CMA in general has their own "Kuen Kuit" 拳訣 which is a translated in English as sometimes (Fist) song, poetry or I prefer the translation "formula". Which is a unique expression from each of our Ancestors on their training methodology, knowledge...
  22. Tensei85


    I generally practice on seperate training sessions aside of Wing Chun, The Shi Ba Luohan Gong, Yijinjing, sometimes Zhan Zhuang try to train each day. It's held decent results, It helped me relax quite a bit when I used to be pretty tense at times in Chi Sau or other training devices, but...
  23. Tensei85

    Sifu Benny Meng's Wing Chun University

    Wu Sau; If I remember correctly I think they hold the Wu Sau back farther to cover the Height range easier, can't say I agree or disagree with it but that's the logic that they utilize. So in this case it's similar to what Mook Jong posted on blocking the throat area or whatnot. Haha...
  24. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    Here's some info on the Black Flag or atleast the Black Flag that most non-black flag people are perpetrating to be the actual "Black Flag" group and the reason as to why a lot of Chinese practitioners are not thrilled of Black Flag if the same as this coming out to the Wing Chun Community...
  25. Tensei85

    Help- Translation needed!

    I read this article previous to this, there are a few others on Chinese websites in similar format as well. I've had some experiences with the Black Flag Wing Chun or Hek Ki Boen (Fujian) Yong Chun. I was there for the 1st Black Flag Wing Chun seminar at the Wing Chun Museum as well as the...
  26. Tensei85

    Sifu Benny Meng's Wing Chun University

    To OP, I've previously trained under Benny Meng for over a decade. So to the question of the thread, I would say the content for the Online University will be detailed & generally decently put together. Take note, I say "will be" as I haven't viewed the actual University site so I can't...
  27. Tensei85

    fook sau thoughts and help

    I think its important to note that "伏手" fuk sau is an important concept of (Subdue or Control) so in itself can have different facets or expressions to represent this concept. That's why we see a lot of different versions some use a vertical position with wrist position...
  28. Tensei85

    Quitting Wing Chun

    Ok, let me say this you stated that your SNT gradually got better as you analyzed and....... Thats great but how do you know?, because your utilizing your own opinion to validate what you have or haven't obtained?? Which is coming from what experience? Dude what your doing is going to a...
  29. Tensei85

    Any Chin Woo People Here?

    Ya, true enough. Most dscendants from Luo Guang Yu line's & Lau Fat Mang's still teach some of the Jing Wu routines. Coming from the Huang Han Xun line myself we teach all 10 basic routines. Do you train Tong Long or Ying Jow Pai?
  30. Tensei85

    Quitting Wing Chun

    That's a great observation! However as any beginner your only looking at it from a technique perspective which is to be expected from someone with virtually no training from a Sifu - Student atmosphere. You might see that William Cheung has a Wu Sau that covers his face, and Michael Wong has...