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    That was surprising.

    Would you be able to describe this form? I'm assuming you have seen the 54 point form before. Yang (and Taiji in general) sword forms are a passion of mine (even if I only focus on training the one, knowing about the others and having video of them) and a new one is wonderfully exciting.
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    Wing Chun to Taijiquan

    Well I learnt Wing Chun a few years ago (about ten) while I was in the beginning of learning Taiji. Fortunately (for me) I really gelled with Taiji more than I did with Wing Chun and have been learning ever since. However they're both good and complementary arts.
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    My intense citizens arrest

    To be precise, there were off-duty police chasing the offender as well. There's a wonderful bit about Australian cops (and NZ laws are extremely similar, so I'm assuming this might be too) that as long as the police aren't drunk or otherwise compromised, they're still able to act as police...
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    How much mileage from a punch?

    Absolutely none. But isn't that the point of a ninja? You can't see them? Sorry I couldn't leave this one alone. More specifically on topic, I know a guy who only trains 1 technique. It's a double punch, where he has one fist over the top of the other, both vertical. He also does iron fist...
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    Careers in Martial Arts

    Not just Police. Military reports are the same. Especially naval boarding parties. (Which is part of my background.)
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    Provoking a Kata Response...

    This. I'm kind of Necroing this thread (it's first page, so I feel safe.) I study a CMA, so the names are vastly different but we still have forms. My forms are massively different to very nearly everyone I've seen. Mainly because I've had real life experience and know that things aren't...
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    Colour of Dragons in Chinese Myth and Names

    Thank you for that Jon, it was a rather interesting read. Amazing detail on a common mistranslation into English. The word used in the native Chinese is so much more than just 'Green'. With other research on the Qing Long, there is a certain element to the way the move is played out. It's...
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    Is More Better?

    Essentially that comes down in my Yang Taiji lineage. My Sifu loves breaking a persons root and hurling them to the ground. Of course, he also teaches to hit them hard. Usually just after kicking their knee. But on the topic of this thread. Essentially Taiji has 13 'principles' 8 'energies'...
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    Well… There goes another one...

    Well in my original post, yes. Hard work, doesn't mean your techniques are hard. They might be complex, and physically draining to learn and difficult. I guess it was just a communication error.
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    Colour of Dragons in Chinese Myth and Names

    Thanks for finding that, it's rather interesting. I find the lack of Green dragon notes strange (not a dig at you) because in the 54 point form, it clearly calls certain moves Green Dragon. For example: Green Dragon emerges from the Water. Green Dragon Shows it's claws. They're often more...
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    Colour of Dragons in Chinese Myth and Names

    Hey everyone, I've been working deeper into my sword form, and rather than just knowing the moves, I enjoy knowing the names of the moves to go along with them. For a start it makes it a lot easier to refer to individual moves when talking to someone, rather than saying "Hey the move where...
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    Well… There goes another one...

    Oh there is a magic key. It's just an unpleasant pill to swallow for most people. It's called hard work and lots of muscle pain. Oh and LOTS of repetition. I have kinda dipped into the form collection stage throughout my life. But it was more a finding what was right for me. That said, these...
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    Bart Cham Dao Swordmanship

    Coming back to this, my previous post could be taken as a My style vs Your style. Which it wasn't meant to be. Simply that 9 times out of 10, the more skilled MAist or the one with a defined advantage wins. Regardless of style. There's counters for everything.
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    Bart Cham Dao Swordmanship

    And then, once again it comes down to the skill of the practitioner. A swordsman who actually manages to close with a polearm is probably far more skillful. And if he's a Taiji swordsman, he'll just absorb the energy while slashing them open. The advantage shifts once the shorter weapon is well...
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    Bart Cham Dao Swordmanship

    There's a problem here, the vast vast majority of Fencers (especially since you said champion) fence with the foil, 'sabre' and epee. They aren't real swords, they move differently. They're sportsmen aiming for points. Yes they have very fast reflexes, but many of their techniques are wrong for...
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    Can one learn from instructional videos?

    Honestly, I'm in two minds about the ability to learn from video/online. Up until about a week or two ago I would quite have happily said it was impossible to do anything beyond a mimicry of the style. Then I found a website with an ENORMOUS amount of instructional videos. Short 5 minute clips...
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    Kung Fu Suit Etiquette?

    That could be it too. Dress code with a vague seniority system can also help to differentiate which students should have more knowledge. That said, my class is also very small, I have no idea how large it is elsewhere (My Master holds classes in two very different parts of the city. I can't get...
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    Kung Fu Suit Etiquette?

    I have had a similar discussion to this on another forum. Honestly, go with whatever standard your school teaches. However, keep in mind, there is a mindset of being 'professional' amongst teachers. Some really don't care if their students just wear what is comfortable, but the people who are...
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    The Jian

    To the contrary, they are Jian, just not Qing Dynasty Jian. Found a reference by Scott Rodell on the matter concerning Ming Jian: Anything older than that is generally too far gone with corrosion or was re-hilted and has subsequently been reclassified. It doesn't help that the Red Guards...
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    The Jian

    Another thing about Ming dynasty. That was the time of Chen Wangting, who codified Chen style, contemporary to General Qi Jiguang, at a time when the Jian was still a highly used military weapon. He also set the Chen weapon forms down which it's highly likely aren't much changed, since at their...
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    The Jian

    The clip with Chen Xiaowang I was refering to.
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    The Jian

    To the contrary. The Jian was used in the Ming Dynasty and earlier as a military regulation weapon. Up to the Qianlong emperor of the Qing dynasty (the last Emperor to take an active interest in warfare) the Jian was frequently used by the military. In fact, up until the Tang dynasty, there...
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    The Jian

    If that is the case, then the weapon isn't being taught correctly. The Jian is taught to teach you the Jian. Honestly, I have listened to people saying that certain weapons are purely for 'developing/extending qi' for over a decade and it's honestly the biggest fallacy in modern styles. It's...
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    Sword Tassel

    Historically, tassels did exist, in the same design for both Jian and Dao, which is strange that what is currently passed on between the two is very different between them. However, the historical tassel bears little resemblance to what is currently sold/displayed on swords today. It was also a...
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    Gym work and Tai chi

    Also, forgot to add, running for just general usable cardio fitness is a good thing as well. While it's easier to cycle or various other exercises, running is certainly the most practical for day to day usage apart from your Taiji.
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    Gym work and Tai chi

    Have you done almost 10 years of Yang? Or 10 years since you last did it? I have a constant battle with my leg flexibility. If I don't stretch every day, it feels like I've regressed about a year. I can touch my knuckles to the ground in a straight stretch, but still, I feel tight. As for...
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    China May Ban Eating Dogs and Cats

    Well there's one serious line of thought that dogs were originally domesticated from the wolf as yet another form of food. The only difference between dogs (originally) and most of the other animals, who we in the west, have domesticated for food is that dogs are useful for things other than...
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    Interesting - so who first called it Taijiquan

    I'm going to try and reply to everyone in one post, but I may skip a bit. My own Taiji background is a bit of a mash-up. I initially learnt the Yang 24 form, although it was from someone who had known the martial applications and just taught the 24 because it was easy and oh so common. Learnt...
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    10 Things Single People Must Do

    I'm relatively new to the forum, but here goes. I'm ex-navy (By two months) so I managed to do most of these by accident. I'm also now married, so I hope that I don't have to try the single thing again. 1. Travel alone. Yup, I used to do this all the time. Even when I was travelling on the...