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  1. Nomad

    Martial Arts Evolution/Revolution?

    ROFLMAO The "method" here is knowing how and when to disengage... when self-defense becomes assault. This is something I've not often seen taught at TMA schools, and those that do teach it necessarily are using the modern (and local) definitions rather than the archaic (a change from how it...
  2. Nomad

    Martial Arts Evolution/Revolution?

    I actually agree with most of your post, but wanted to mention that the UFC (and the fighters therein) have not chosen the same styles; they are constantly evolving as well. In the beginning, BJJ and the Gracies ruled. As the other fighters became better and better BJJ fighters, they tended to...
  3. Nomad

    Martial Arts Evolution/Revolution?

    Have you read any of Rory Miller's books? He does a phenomenal job breaking violence down into its component parts and talks about different strategies and tactics the bad guys tend to use. Meditations on Violence is a good place to start. In brief, there are many different types of assault...
  4. Nomad

    Martial Arts Evolution/Revolution?

    I think it's also possible for an art to incorporate new training methods or drills that effectively work to reduce some of the "drift" mentioned above, and bring the art closer to its traditional origins and goals. For instance, an art (or instructor or school) that has become sport or...
  5. Nomad

    Martial Arts Evolution/Revolution?

    Yes, martial arts do change. Some of these changes are organic in nature, and have to do with the preferences, skills, body types, strategies, and relative importance of different martial principles of the lead (and senior) instructors of a system. Drift also occurs naturally as a martial...
  6. Nomad

    The Department of Redundancy Department

    Why do people do this??? Jon, you're a big shot now... hire a driver! (same for Lindsay, Britney, and so on).
  7. Nomad

    Staying fit on vacation

    What's your martial art? Obviously, if there are single-person kata in your system, they can be an excellent training tool when you're camping.... all you need is a space. If not, then stick with the above. Also, many of the activities you might do on such a trip can be great cross training...
  8. Nomad

    Starting a Meetup Group for Martial Artists in San Diego

    I'm not sure if anyone's interested on martial talk, but I've started up a meetup group for experienced San Diego area martial artists of all styles. The idea is a free exchange of information and techniques in a casual atmosphere as a supplement to any training you may already be doing, or...
  9. Nomad

    General Self Defense Mindset

    This can be summarized by the (IMHO) number one rule on avoiding physical conflict: "Don't be an a$$hole".
  10. Nomad

    Texas Dad Beats His Daughter’s Molester to Death

    Glad to hear it. The only difference I could see is that I might well use a tool to help in similar circumstance rather than using my hands.
  11. Nomad

    Well Done That Man

    Great catch!
  12. Nomad

    Christians can't catch a break...Rock of Ages movie...

    Exactly! I think the producers looked at who was actually attacking rock and roll at the time, and decided it made a better plot point than the rather innocuous german industrialists from the musical.
  13. Nomad

    Texas Dad Beats His Daughter’s Molester to Death

    That almost sounds like a plan to me...
  14. Nomad

    Texas Dad Beats His Daughter’s Molester to Death

    A little more info today: And apparently the father didn't use a weapon, but beat the rapist to death. From the available information, justifiable homicide in defense of another seems likely. I can't imagine any father showing restraint in such circumstances.
  15. Nomad

    What if MMA matches were fought to the death?

    Then there would be a lot less fighting, and a lot more killing. Two very different terms, IMO... fighting is about beating and dominating your opponent. Killing is just that, and doesn't necessarily require the dominance aspects. Oh yeah, and the champions would likely be psychotics of one...
  16. Nomad

    Thieves get Bear-Sprayed, then Spanked

    Yeah, this seems like a generic CYA statement; while I'm sure that a number of cops in the area laughed long and hard at the plight of these punks, they can't condone the actions of the store owner; otherwise they're accepting liability for anybody that tries to act in their own defense and is...
  17. Nomad

    Man Claims Self Defense In Fatal Shooting

    Why do I have the feeling that both the defense and the prosecutors see the video as the key to their case? I think self-defense is a really tough justification in this case (based on the excerpt above).
  18. Nomad

    Thieves get Bear-Sprayed, then Spanked

    This was a bit too beautiful. Be sure to watch the embedded video. While it might not have been the wisest course, things looked like they were deteriorating anyway (when knife-wielding punk comes around behind the counter), and it definitely worked out well in the end. Thoughts?
  19. Nomad

    Methodology of self-defense in five words or less

    I can do it in four: Keep your mouth shut!
  20. Nomad

    Brainstorm: wood can become clay. What would you do with it?

    Yep, first priority is to get the solution and the process of "plastifying" the wood patented so no-one else can reverse engineer it and start mass producing it. I think your best option on bringing this hypothetical product to market is to illustrate the process with a few concept pieces (some...
  21. Nomad

    When a student leaves your school...

    I've seen and to some extent participated in this "approach" in the past, and have had it applied to me by members of my former school, including some who I thought were good friends. On one level, it's a very petty way to treat others; on another level, it's a very insidious way of using...
  22. Nomad

    Books you'd like to see made into movies

    The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass The Gap series by Stephen Donaldson In Her Name by Michael Hicks I'd love to see a good high budget adaptation of the Dresden Chronicles that was able to capture the wit and sarcasm of the...
  23. Nomad

    Trying to get my knees back....

    Following my arthroscopic knee surgery which repaired a torn ACL and clipped out some of the meniscus, it took a full year before I started to feel I had full range of motion again. This was with several weeks of PT, and getting back into class and doing what I could probably within 8 weeks of...
  24. Nomad

    Must not visit other schools without permission?

    It's an interesting rule that I've run across before. It can arise from many different causes, as has been noted, from the honorable (helping guide students away from charlatans) to the selfish (wanting to control who represents your school elsewhere, and how they go about it) to the fearful...
  25. Nomad

    Welcome to the 13th century, NC!

    See, the reason I'm bigoted against religions isn't for the sake of homosexuality; it's for all the stupid, crazy things they say and try to force on other people, along with a number of truly horrific actions along the way that were endorsed and/or covered up by various churches. I also don't...
  26. Nomad

    Welcome to the 13th century, NC!

    Marriage, at it's root, is a civil contract that gives first precedence in all legal matters to the person's spouse. You cannot get married in a church without having a marriage contract that meets state law... the religious ceremony is just that, a ceremony. If you or your spouse contracts a...
  27. Nomad

    Welcome to the 13th century, NC!

    The above is really good advice. It reminded me of a quote by Dennis Miller (back when he was funny before he went all right-wingy): "The most important thing in the world to me is my orgasm. And the least important thing in the world is anyone else's."
  28. Nomad

    Traditional Arts - non traditional technique/principle

    If it's a good technique and fits in well with other material in the curriculum (demonstrating some of the principles underlying core techniques for example), then not just "yes", but "hell, yes!"
  29. Nomad

    Shaking hands with a senior

    I thought the correct form was to kiss them full on the lips. ;) (but don't initiate any tongue-action... that'd be rude) In this day and age, I truly hope that no one would take offense at what was clearly intended (and generally understood) as a mark of respect and friendship, and frankly...
  30. Nomad

    Man Rule

    Why not ask him? If he freaks out, you might want to rethink it... but he might be fine with it. As someone mentioned, don't share details though...