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  1. James Kovacich

    John Hackleman speaks to Martial Art School Owners Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2
  2. James Kovacich

    2 Santa Cruz, CA police officers shot and killed

    Very sad. First officers ever lost in the line of duty. Both were married with kids. Sent from my DROID3 using Tapatalk 2
  3. James Kovacich

    Santa Clara man arrested for making threats to CA State Senator Leland Yee

    I'm just guessing but I think this guy may be a gun nut! :uhyeah: Authorities arrested a Santa Clara man who once worked for Steve Wozniak on charges that he threatened State Sen...
  4. James Kovacich

    US guns flooding into Mexico

    I was watching the TV show Border Wars and today they focused on the illegal weapons being confiscated at the border heading into Mexico. There many handguns and rifles including AK47's and 50 Cals. They were moslty new and never fired and some already converted to automatic. They showed the...
  5. James Kovacich

    Military suicide rate hit record high in 2012

    Really Sad. Obviously the result massive stress from these long term un-needed wars. It would of been differant if Bush truly finished the war in Afghanistan instead prematurely claiiming victory so he could invade Iraq...
  6. James Kovacich

    Teach / Train to beat other styles?

    Who includes beating other styles as a part teaching and or training? I don't take this topic lightly and I believe in practicing what you preach. I've spent a lot of years training in different styles which gave me the opportunity to see a lot from the other side of the coin. The one thing that...
  7. James Kovacich

    Passing of Ted Wong

    I am sad to announce that one of Bruces Lees most dedicated students has passed away. Last Wednesday Ted Wong passed away. It appears a week ago from Wed he passed but I've heard little info so far. One of his senior students has come forward but the others are still silent. Hope to update this...
  8. James Kovacich

    Passing of a JKD Warrior

    I am sad to say that someone I'd like to consider a friend has passed away. William "Bill" Holland passed away Monday nite. He was a true warrior in every sense on the word. He was longtime JKDer dating back to the '70's under Jeet Kune Do Instructors: Abel Sandoval (his 1st JKD instructor)...
  9. James Kovacich

    Do you beleive Bruce truely dropped Wing Chun?

    Do you believe Bruce truely dropped Wing Chun or maybe he just stopped teaching it in order to evolve his"personal" JKD?
  10. James Kovacich

    What is Jeet Kune Do...

    To you?
  11. James Kovacich

    Would you train under a fat and out of shape JKD guy

    Wouldn't it kind of go against some of what JKD represents?
  12. James Kovacich

    Drop the Kata?

    The early Ken/mpo systems in Hawaii were measured against brawlers with way less technical skill than that is prevalent today. As early as the 1980's John Hackelmans Hawaiian Kempo dropped the kata and his is system is doing pretty well. But how do you "think" your Ken/mpo systems will fair in...
  13. James Kovacich

    JKD truth

    What do you think...
  14. James Kovacich

    More E-Training

    I've experimented with this concept but found it to be very expensive compared to the $7.50 a month (& $12.50 a month after I raised it trying to make it pay for itself) than what it was really worth on a small scale like I had. Recently, there were two schools (Cesar Gracie BJJ & Kosho Ryu)...
  15. James Kovacich

    Kajukenbo / Kosho Ryu Kenpo

    I didn't know exactly what to call this thread but the video is called Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo Back to our Roots Seminar Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Trick Technique Is their connection to Kaju or Kosho or both?
  16. James Kovacich

    Strikeforce in San Jose

    On 3/10/06 Strikeforce FINALLy got Cesar Gracie vs. Frankshrock and Cung Le's MMA debut completed. I was there and the show went well. Cung Le fought a guy who he had previously beat in San Shou but he deserves a break for his first few fights. He said he plans to continue in MMA. He knocked out...
  17. James Kovacich

    Why would anyone issue "honory rank?"

    Why would anyone issue "honorary rank" to a "living, able bodied" martial art practitioner? To me it just dosen't make any sense. Either someone is worthy of rank or they are not. No "inbetween's." I think that if someone issues "honorary rank" and comes to regret it later. They deserve ALL...
  18. James Kovacich

    Western 10th Degrees. Fake or legit?

    It seems that all of the head of family sokeships are looked down upon by many. Some of the reasons were because of the improper usage of the word soke and other reasons were about bogus rank. It seemed to me that it was being implied that all 10th degrees in the west were bogas. Is that what...
  19. James Kovacich

    Bruce Lee's highest rank student

    Who was Bruce Lee's highest rank student? Facts?
  20. James Kovacich

    Long Beach Internationals

    Who's going to the Long Beach Internationals? I'm interested in seeing how the extreme sparring goes.
  21. James Kovacich

    Larry Tatum in the magazines

    Anyone see Larry Tatum in the current issues of Budo International and Inside Kung Fu? I'm particularly interested on the Kenpoist's view on his techniques fighting against 2 opponents, as seen in Budo International.
  22. James Kovacich

    Felix Macias Seminar

    Felix Macias Jr. will be conducting a Jeet Kune Do Seminar in Hayward, Ca. on Feb. 20th, 2005. This is a rare event as his fathers Gung-Fu is not widely known.
  23. James Kovacich

    Felix Macias Seminar on 2/20/05 Master Instructor Felix Macias Jr. will be conducting a seminar in Hayward, Ca. on Feb. 20th, 2005. Click the above link for more info. and click the following link to go directly to his site for more info. on him...
  24. James Kovacich

    How many and differances in Shaolin Kempo

    I heard of several Shaolin Kempo's. Ralph Castro, Fred Vilarri, Steve Demasco and Christopher Geary's and probably some more. Are they related or maybe just spinoffs of other systems? I tried the search function but it lead me to every thread that had Shaolin Kempo in it. Thanx.
  25. James Kovacich

    O Nam Ku

    I was a student of O Nam Ku in Glenmoor gardens in Fremont, Ca. back in the 1970's. In one of the threads I heard a mention of Fremont and I hoped maybe somebody here heard of him or maybe knows what has happened or anything at all about him. At the time he was a 5th degree and I beleive he...
  26. James Kovacich

    Distant Learning Vs. Video Testing

    Distant learning and distant learning/video testing are not one in the same. They can be but they are not. This has been brought up in another thread and I would like to see the discussion without ruining the other thread. Anyway distant teachers that DO NOT video test include Joe Moreira...
  27. James Kovacich

    James Mitose

    This is a post from a forum that I like to visit. Its interesting and I'm going to post the links to the complete discussions. :asian: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Re:Solving a Mitose Mystery (?) As many of you know, I have been doing a pretty...
  28. James Kovacich

    Is BJJ really ready for the Real World

    This one I've been thinking about a lot. Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practical in real world situations? After a few years on the mat practicing BJJ and usually the "pure"BJJ'ers progressed faster than me (I think because I see things differantly than them). But in their "all around overall"...
  29. James Kovacich

    Anybody know these guys?

    Inayan Systems International These guys are near me. Anybody know them? :asian:
  30. James Kovacich

    Typhoon Philippine School of Combat Information

    Does anybody know anything about these guys? Good or bad? Thanx, in advance.