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  1. jezr74

    First class thoughts, and ouch.

    I've been out of action for about 6 months unable to train or hit the weights, but thought I'd share.. Due to change in my hours and work load from my employer. I'm unable to get to my regular training gym on time (I work 1.5 hours drive from home\dojo). After a few months going nuts from not...
  2. jezr74

    Boxing Vs. Jiu Jitsu

    Interesting read. Would have loved to see the video for this one. The Martial Chronicles All-In Down Under With Sam McVea - Bloody Elbow
  3. jezr74

    Professor Title

    Curious, I've noticed a lot of BJJ Instructors go by a title of Professor. In Australia, it has academic rank associations with it and is reserved for certain levels of education. Is there a difference to what Professor means in Brazil? And how it's used, is it more inline with teacher or sensei?
  4. jezr74

    Gracie Kids Bullyproof

    I went through the introduction of this method and was pretty impressed with what they had to say. While a lot of it's parenting 101, it had a lot of aspects that can easily get lost in day to day life, and having something like this with your kids helps keep things consistent and has...
  5. jezr74

    Next move from standing collar grip.

    Already in position standing holding each others dobak collar at the front with both hands. Whats your next move?
  6. jezr74

    The fundamentals of your style.

    What are the top most important fundamentals of your style? (Not basics) I've always been interested in hearing opinions on this, and within the same training systems it can vary somewhat.
  7. jezr74

    Footwork when sparring or using mitts.

    Another post which included some talk around footwork has prompted me to comment here. I boxed when younger and I like to move on my feet. 20 years later and I've started over with Hapkido, when sparring or using the mitts I still constantly moving side to side, and I get criticized by some...
  8. jezr74

    Hapkido 2015

    What are you goals for 2015 with your Hapkido? I have few, Build my core and be able to plank 5 minutes during warm-ups Able to speak basic Korean, numbers, greetings etc. Maintain my attendance regular Get more involved with the sparring classes Muscle memory cross hands techniques. Keep...
  9. jezr74

    Leglocks vs. BJJer

    I enjoy tangling with BJJers so I can learn how they move, and try and escape or imitate. I don't often get the upper hand, but when I do, it tends to be if I manage somehow to get a leg lock (I'm talking basic lock here, arm under the calf and pressure to the knee, stuff I did as a kid growing...
  10. jezr74


    I'm very proud of my countryman for bringing out some good in light of a tragic event that happening in Sydney yesterday. IllRideWithYou Sydney Stands Up To Racism And Bigotry With One Beautiful Hashtag Gizmodo Australia
  11. jezr74

    Hip Movement Drills

    I'm starting to notice how important using your hips are for nearly everything I learn in Hapkido, and I'm guessing it plays a big role in most other martial arts. Do you have exercises that can help train hip movement to encourage better use?
  12. jezr74

    What does your handle mean?

    Where posters handles come from? Some are boring like my own. jezr is letter play on Jezza which is a nickname for Jeremy, my name. I often look at others names used here and wonder what the story is behind it. Post your meaning, I think a few of us would find it interesting.
  13. jezr74

    SSL3, Poodle Vulnerability

    Thought I'd post for those not so up do date with securing their compute environment. An exploit has been found in some very common used security protocols you may use without even knowing. Easy layman steps to secure your client. What is the POODLE Vulnerability and How Can You Protect...
  14. jezr74

    Sparring Gear (Aus)

    Looking at getting some new shin guards and gloves for sparring. Any recommendation for gear available in Australia, or made in Australia (preferred)?
  15. jezr74

    Manuel Adrogue interview on Hiyaa Podcast

    I found this to be a very interesting and enjoyable interview with Manuel Adrogue TKD practitioner from Argentina. He talks a lot about the history of Taekwondo and it's influence's from history. Episode 31 - Interview with Manuel Adrogue - Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast I only recently found the...
  16. jezr74

    Yusul Training in Hapkido

    Is it common for Hapkidoist (is that the term used?) to also have yusul as part of their training? Some of my classes involves yusul, but was wondering if this is very common? Or is it part and parcel?
  17. jezr74

    Hapkido Principles and Techniques

    What is the difference between techniques and principles in the context of Hapkido. And what are the core principles of your style of Hapkido or how you were taught?
  18. jezr74

    Hapkido Gongs

    I was listening to a pod cast on the way to work that was talking about CMA Gongs. They described them as habitual actions used to enhance their techniques, like Iron Fist or conditioning knuckles for punches, I'm guessing similar to the makiwara in Shotokan etc.. Are there "gongs" unique to...
  19. jezr74

    B.O.B Fashion

    I'm fortunate enough to have my own BOB for home training and for spooking people with it's presence in their peripheral vision. I dress mine up to protect it from wear and tear a little, plus the kids like to do this as well. So thought would post my current BOB fashion and see if anyone else...
  20. jezr74

    9th Kup

    Small step, but was great to get a view at what's coming up watching the higher grades. Particularly enjoyed a bit yusul (?) to finish up the night. Sent from my Windows Phone using Tapatalk
  21. jezr74

    Support tag

    I'm a supporting member, but I still have the yellow banner and not tagged as one in my profile. How do I check this? Thanks
  22. jezr74

    Practicing wrist locks solo.

    Any tips on how to do this? I'm guessing likely not.
  23. jezr74

    Report puts end to anti-vaccination argument

    this is great news University of Sydney study rules out link between vaccination and autism | I really hope the likes of Oprah and Jenny McCarthy will stop their anti-vaccine campaigns and admit they had no evidence to support their claims, the blood on their hands IMO is high with...
  24. jezr74

    The Science Behind the Scenes

    I was shown some techniques the other night with how to make yourself heavy and observed some where pressure applied to say the arm prevented the person from moving or rising. While I'm very skeptical as to their explanation (or lack there of), there is some body mechanics behind it that I'm...
  25. jezr74

    Base footwork

    One of our warm-up activities is footwork where our back foot comes in parallel with our front foot, turn a certain amount of degrees and then back to the same stance. Generally you have a hand behind and one in front moving in a swaying motion. Is there a name for this? My Korean is very...
  26. jezr74

    Primary MA Indicator

    It would be nice if there was a icon or written primary martial arts option next to peoples avatar, I know you can go into a profile and find out but would be good if it was easily visible when looking at posts.
  27. jezr74

    Dizzy when rolling.

    Any advice on how I can mitigate getting dizzy when doing forward rolls?
  28. jezr74

    How is this an old mans martial arts?

    While it was not part of my decision to start Hapkido, I've heard it referred to on several occasions as the old mans MA. My experience so far, while it is still short. Is that this has been the most intensive training I've had, with moving around the last few years I have been training in what...
  29. jezr74

    New Hampshire - Stunning

    I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Sunset Lodge this Memorial day weekend in New Hampshire. The people are incredibly friendly. The people in town were great, the state is beautiful. We plan on going back to this place in winter if we are still in...
  30. jezr74

    Could learning online work if..

    I'm traveling a lot currently for work, and will be for another 2-3 months, will be stationary for 3-6 months then off again. And it is very hard to get a stable routine for practice. I stumbled across this and got me thinking. Sifu Wahnish has put together some online training for basic...