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  1. Ken Morgan

    How have you learned the practical use of a katana?

    I'm curious which part of the world do you live in? And who do you intend to practice Niten with?
  2. Ken Morgan

    How have you learned the practical use of a katana?

    Where are you from? I'm getting old.....I want to say somethings, but I really cant be bothered. Okay, it sounds like you're at a buffet and are only sampling the closest items to you, without reaching deep into the back or even going around the table and finding hundreds of more tables to...
  3. Ken Morgan


    Alright, so I am heading into Fukuoka in a couple of days, I have iaido and jodo practices lined up every evening. Hopefully getting sore, bruised and challenged will do my practice a world of good! My question is, what is there to do in this part of Japan in the daytime? TripAdvisor has...
  4. Ken Morgan

    Requesting a martial art to compliment Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu

    Disagree, practice in anything and everything you can find. Different schools of iai, jo, or kendo. Yes some school use different footwork, and it may be confusing, but so what? Everything is practice.
  5. Ken Morgan

    Is Japanese communication predominately visual?

    I've made up my own kata, anyone who practices iaido can make up kata, it's not difficult to do. Sorry, what's was the original question here?
  6. Ken Morgan

    Is Japanese communication predominately visual?

    Dude, this thread is 5 years old. In all the iai kata that I know, or have seen, I have never seen the sword drawn or cut, using the left hand. If someone knows of one, wonderful.
  7. Ken Morgan

    Damascus steel as a material for swords

    I'm guessing it doesn't really matter much these days, as it all depends on what you need/want the sword for. Iaido, wall hanger, as a collectable, cutting **** in the back yard, or time travelling defence in a back alley circa 1500?
  8. Ken Morgan

    Custom Sword Recommendations

    Funny how that has worked out! I've been outside of North America for a few years now, training on my own or with a few willing victims.... .
  9. Ken Morgan

    Custom Sword Recommendations

    Wow! I disappear for a year or so and Chris is being nice to everyone! (Insert Twilight Zone theme here). I bought one of the first Chinese Shinken Kim sold, after ten years I still have it and still love it. No idea if he still has them or not.
  10. Ken Morgan

    the eight sword cuts

    Dude, the UK has lots of well qualified iaido teachers, contact one and go practice.
  11. Ken Morgan

    Traveling with a shinken

    Ive missed the last three Guelph seminars, so it's time to get my *** kicked! Heading to San Jose Northern California Iaido Association
  12. Ken Morgan

    Blade material

    If the Japanese smiths of old had access to the materials and processes we have today, they would have gotten rid of tamahagane a very long time ago.
  13. Ken Morgan

    Traveling with a shinken

    I have less fear of breakage, and a greater fear of theft, truth be told. Yeah I was thinking of a locked gun case. How much was the insurance running you Brian?
  14. Ken Morgan

    Traveling with a shinken

    Ok boys and girls, finally after all these years of Training, my shinken, my Jo and myself wil be flying somewhere together, Canada to the US. What advice do you have for the packaging and general transportation of said weapons? I don't need to get to where I am going and find a bend in the blade!
  15. Ken Morgan

    Aikido Boken Suggestions

    PT Bokken Bashing Kim Taylor
  16. Ken Morgan

    Bo Kata Help?

    My eyes just glazed over reading, and then skimming the above posts.....sorry Chris!! If I am incorrect because of my brief, glazed look at the material I am sorry.... Orange, unless you have a teacher, and have been training for at least a few months, you simply do not have the background to...
  17. Ken Morgan

    Real samurai swords

    "The older the blade the better quality it is.", no.
  18. Ken Morgan

    Need your input : What is 1 thing you are afraid & one thing you love as a Student of martial arts?

    I haven't been afraid of anything since elementary school. I love training with, hanging around with, folks who have the same odd interests as me.
  19. Ken Morgan

    Material for staffs

    It's mostly about the splintering when the staff gets hit. You don't want large splinters coming out of the wood and impaling someone, somewhere important! I have some exotic woods but I mostly use my old hickory jo and bokken. They dent, but they don't splinter.
  20. Ken Morgan

    Quads….holy *&((&*

    If you're not sweating after one minute of iai, you're doing it wrong
  21. Ken Morgan

    Where are you at these days? Thailand?

    Where are you at these days? Thailand?
  22. Ken Morgan

    Wielding two Katanas

    Colin?! How have you been?
  23. Ken Morgan

    Wielding two Katanas

    I've never seen a left handed kata, I've never heard of a left handed kata from a traditional JSA school. Love to see it, I can't find a video anywhere, have you got a link??
  24. Ken Morgan

    Wielding two Katanas

    Japanese swords are two handed weapons, though there are some kata where one handed cuts and thrusts are used. They are also a right handed weapon, there are no left handed kata. Niten is fun, but you have various kata to work with, some are katana only, some wakizashi only and some are paired...
  25. Ken Morgan

    31 jo kumitachi

    Yep. At times they are shortening the weapon up too much.
  26. Ken Morgan

    31 jo kumitachi

    I like, but it has always baffled me why anyone would shorten up a weapon....
  27. Ken Morgan

    Iaito? Recommendations on brands?

    Ok My turn! Most iaito blades are cast aluminium out of China, finished and pieced together in Japan. So much of what you see is the same product repackaged be retailers. Time for me to flog my Sensei's site. I have two iaito and my shinken from this site, and I am in love with my shinken...
  28. Ken Morgan


    I've heard that one before about other senior sensei. They practice Mae for hours. My sensei, and I agree with him, has always said, that everything you need in iaido can be found in Mae. During a grading, if you get Mae correct, they'll tend to look at others as they assume you have a clue.
  29. Ken Morgan

    Judgment Day

    I'd be more worried about some dormant disease sitting on the skin of an unknown newt in the Amazon letting loose and killing billions before we can get a handle on it.
  30. Ken Morgan


    Touch wood, I've never had knee issues. If I haven't practiced in a while, my back and forearms hurt. Once I've been training only my back hurts the next day. Get that swing back, sink into the cuts, breath, and it all comes back!