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  1. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    JKD,Wing Chun MR. Bhaskar Roy, Karate - Dilip Jana, Kung-fu - Tapan Tarapdar + Bhaskar Roy anything Else?? If you need anyone direct number please direct message me, call them up and ask whatever your heart desires.
  2. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    Bullies never stop.
  3. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    I am simply amazed people who think who are qualified to judge me has always avoided a real challenge. I feed so sorry for you.
  4. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    Ans the simple questions a billion times you will see how it feels. Those who can't even add a real profile picture are giving me long lectures. Seems so legit that ... leave it.
  5. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    Just Because you can't do something, You simply say that it can't be done. Actions speak louder than words. I would have respected a person who had the courage to stand up for a real skill test than these constant bullying.
  6. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    Surely some people can't read simple English which is written on certificates and If I don't have skills/certificates don't you think it's better to win a match against me to show the world how big liar I am? Do your duty and save the people whom you think are being cheated from me, It's just...
  7. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    I have answered this question this atleast billion times somewhere else, He knows me already so its a love/hate relationship between us. love from my side though.
  8. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    We all know it and just to let u know i haven't asked for money,so the whole thesis of "take his money" is a propaganda.
  9. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    I am looking to learn from you, will you accept me as your disciple? Master :panda:
  10. evan.fedora

    Did Bruce further simplify his jkd?

    I respect ur opinion!
  11. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    Agreed! but it's better to learn something even if its online in case of Emergency. The most important thing is to practice under supervision but when you are in a real need sometimes you have to change ur plans too!
  12. evan.fedora

    Biggest Issue When You Started A School

    I want to learn, how much..? this is what I meant. Any person looking to learn something real should ask more than just the price, isn't it?
  13. evan.fedora

    Why should law enforcement officers train BJJ?

    Any Thoughts about Aikido?
  14. evan.fedora

    How Much Does it Cost?

    I have faced this for years, Now it does't hurt anymore, Wish You Luck for Future Though!!
  15. evan.fedora

    Incoming punch - counter with block - inside or outside?

    For me pushing it outwards, the central line helps most of the times.
  16. evan.fedora

    Biggest Issue When You Started A School

    Dealing with people who knew absolutely everything.
  17. evan.fedora

    Apprentice Job offer for life long trade and paid training to include KKW BB degrees 1-3rd

    Any Opening till now, I have a person interested if its open.
  18. evan.fedora

    A new experience

    Glad to hear!
  19. evan.fedora

    Tell me about your first day of training..

    I was very anxious on that day. Others looked so much stronger than me that I felt very very nervous.
  20. evan.fedora

    New to the forum, looking to get back in martial arts.

    Wing Chun is a great choice that you have made.
  21. evan.fedora

    How JKD and Wing Chun Misunderstand Each Other: With Jason Korol

    Please share the link of the book.
  22. evan.fedora

    Did Bruce further simplify his jkd?

    Agree totally! He build a machine from the parts of "Other Useless machines"
  23. evan.fedora

    Seeking school

    I can help if you have any plans to learn online. I tech JKD only though.
  24. evan.fedora

    Hand and foot arrive at the same time, or foot arrive first and hand arrive later?

    I feel more comfortable in Foot 1st then Hand ..otherwise, it causes issues in balance in rare cases. It's better to be safe than sorry in a real fight scenario.
  25. evan.fedora

    Martial Art Abbreviations

    Great Stuff for beginners.
  26. evan.fedora

    Every Great Fighter has one great fight left inside!

    Every Great Fighter has one great fight left inside!