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    The Obligatory Annual New Years Resolution thread

    First one is to have a clear year of training Martial Arts and fitness injury free and achieve a much more successful year then the last couple. Ive bought some Gymnastics rings for xmas to try and add to my fitness program. Should be interesting. Otherwise typical house stuff. Get the...
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    i didnt make it

    Agree with everybody else. Don't look at it as a failure. Look at it as proof that your teachers care about the level of student they train. You will be far far better off for it. It will be a great opportunity to train harder and fire back really hard to earn that next promotion. Just think...
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    Please advise re: my kid defending himself

    I say good on your son. He probably only had a split second to relise what was happening and didn't know what to expect and he reacted with a useful defensive move. Noone had any lasting damages or injurys. So their is no true loss from either party. The parent of "Jerry" should pull their...
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    What grades do you consider special?

    To me all of them are special. In particular though all the dan's for the already mentioned reasons. I am actually in the process of building a display rack in my shed to display every single belt I've recieved in both styles. Every single one of them represents a level of efficiency and a...
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    Do you ever get handouts at MA seminars?

    When our Grandmaster flys to Australia to do a seminar with us he usually brings out a sachet of instant coffee to hand out to the group.. Something different and I quite like it. Luke
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    Is boxing different for MMA/ self defense?

    You have pretty much summed it up. A traditional boxer is setup to fight against another boxer. You setup is designed to cover up against attacks only aimed above the waist and not needing to worry about someone trying to get to your back. And MMA version of boxing will allow for the fact...
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    Car Quirk

    Depends on the situation. I am usually the designated driver as I don't drink so in that sense I am rarely a passenger. Being an auto enthusiast whenever there is a car show or event I always take my 2nd car there even if it means 5 of us go to an event in 5 diff cars. If its just a typical...
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    What sort of gloves for sparring?

    If control is your chosen game, a very light mma glove with minimal padding and open fingers is your best bet. If your striking is your main goal then op for a larger heavier boxing glove and you will gain 2 small shields to hide your face behind. Most important, find something comfy and non...
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    Hi guys :)

    Greetings Aaron. Glad your enjoying your Wing Chun training thus far. Is Wing Chun your first martial art? Hope to verbally spar in the near future. Luke
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    Sick Time

    Generally go to work sick. Unless it involves Vomiting or Migraines (or something that is debilitatingly sick). There is too much to get done to take time off. To take a day off puts too much strain on having to catch up when you get back as well. Even working at 50% sitting in a back room...
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    Inside the Black Belt Way Inside the Beltway

    That would have been awesome to watch. Amazing fitness level for any age let alone for 79. He would still be much fitter then a huge percentage of pro athletes in their prime.
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    discipline, training techniques, and conditioning

    One thing that might help you out with consistancy. Instead of training "when you feel like it" maybe plan sessions in advance. i.e. On tuesday nights and thursday nights at 5:00 I will do this session. On Sundays I will do this particular session. That way when it comes to those times...
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    On Not Being Invincible

    How sad. Its always over the simplest things that this happens. +1 on alcohol and bars. So much hurt is caused by its effects. I will never understand how justice can continue to let these people roam the streets. Previous convictions of a serious nature and he can still walk the streets...
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    How many of you know the whole system? Is that possible?

    Another vote for define "whole". Unless you are the creater of your system it is just about impossible. Who's too say your teacher or your teachers teachers teacher learnt everything (not a single part missed). Every single person in the entire line has to have learnt everything and and then...
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    But...Couldn't You Really Hurt Them?

    As an point to add to this topic. I myself find that when training I try to avoid hurting my training partner (I.e get softer then necessary) and I know its in my head and is holding me back from developing further. I've always been a fairly gentle type of person with no lust for blood or direct...
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    An Interesting Fitness Insight

    Lol. Lucky for some :idunno: On that note. Being a 26 year old myself. I do notice that my strength and stamina is better now then it was 4-5 years ago when I was spending a lot of time at gym doing weights and cardio. I can certainly run a lot further now even though I'm not pushing myself in...
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    what type of practitioner are you?

    I try to mix up our class between technical and sparring. Being a fairly new class with beginning students I am mostly focused on basic technique and skills building. However my major focus point is "Thinking on your feet". I.e Off whatever attack initiate with a Pak Sao to the inside...
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    99.9% of female martial artists fail in self defense?

    Thats a big call. Theres women out there that don't train and all and would snap me over there knee. I think the biggest factor is the mind set. (just like males) If they sense blood and aim to maim, as opposed to just "light training in case it hurts" then theres no reason why they cant Luke
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    Load up on .40 cal

    Lol Zombie Apocalypse. I vote for something Big and Belt Fed, whilst still keeping a Long blade by my side. (easier said then obtained of course). Luke
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    What is your favorite martial art weapon?

    Hmm. In general (that I don't train) I love the Katana and Hook Swords. For my own training I quite enjoy Butterfly Swords. In reality on the street - My brain (lol someone had to say it) Luke
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    Tired of hearing “it doesn’t work”

    Thats an impressive Highlight reel. On topic. As always. Its the People involved and the way it is trained that will ultimately say how effective it is. The techniques themselves are highly effective with the only condition of them working is the practitioners ability to "read" the opponent...
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    I'll brag on this one though

    Thats fantastic. Good job
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    How much weight is a pushup?

    One of those questions with so many variables. Fantastic exercise though as there are so many different angles you can do them on which hit different areas. One reason you will find it wears you out quicker then weights machines and so-forth is that you are using additional smaller muscles in...
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    100% _ing _un!

    My answer exactly.
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    Student sparring

    Personally I encourage instructors to join in sparring with students. Not necessarily every time. But at least every now and then. You are teaching your particular system (doesn't matter which). To see someone with much more experience in how to use the techniques they have been shown will help...
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    Knife Making- steel question

    Thanks for the tips guys. As for metal working in general. Its not really new to me. Many years of working on the car as a hobby having to fabricate brackets and bits as well as getting ready for shows. I have done a fair bit of aluminum and stainless polishing. (Not a very pleasant job- lol)...
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    Knife Making- steel question

    Hey guys. Hope this is in the right area and that someone might have an answer. I'm getting into knife collecting and I want to try my hand at creating a few knifes from scratch. Nothing fancy just some basic fixed blades. Now the question is the steel. They are just for show really. Not...
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    Wing Chun Self Defence, Part 1 Clip

    As will all demo clips. You can't take them as perfect as they are just that, "demos" designed to show a technique without damaging the training partner. I like this clip as it shows numerous ideas and options and isn't limited to just a block or 2 then punching to finish. It actually gave me a...
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    New Zealand Earthquake- Best wishes

    To all the New Zealanders on here. Hope none of you have been effected by the earthquake that has happened over there this morning. Was all over the news here and didn't look very good. Best wishes to you all on a speedy rebuild. Luke
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    second form

    The good ol Chum Kiu form. It may feel a bit odd to start off. Only tip I have. Stick with it. It will come to you. We learnt forms by doing the first few techniques. Stop. Repeat several times. Then add on the next 2 or 3 moves. Repeat several times. etc. Until finally your instructor/Sifu...