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    “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”

    “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”
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    Martial Art Abbreviations

    ACMA- Applied Combat Martial Arts JKD- Jeet Kune Do FMA- Filipino martial arts TSD- Tang Soo Do
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    Martial Art Abbreviations

    FSK = Frequency Shift Keying CAW = Catch As Wrestling EMA = Eastern Martial Arts
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    Water is your friend.

    I also do the same thing. I also dring after finishing my training. I totally focus on my training and after fishing that I do all other kinds of stuff.
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    Martial Art Abbreviations

    CMA -Chinese martial arts FMA - Filipino martial arts BJJ - Brazilian JiuJitsu MT - Muay Thai VT - Vale Tudo MMA - Mixed Martial Arts TMA - Traditional Martial Arts JKD - jeet kune do TSD - tang so do TKD - tae kwon do JMA - Japanese martial arts EPAK - Ed Parker's American Kenpo AK -...
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    The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Training (ver 2.6) - by Jeff Pipkins

    This a very helpful guide. This will help new learner a lot. Thank you for sharing
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    Common Sense Safety

    Thank you for this blog, I got to know many thing about self defense.
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    Fixing the training model

    Thanks for this blog, I got to know many things about the training session. Training is very important for every work.
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    Self Defense (Concepts v Reality)

    Thanks for the blog I came to know many things about martial art and it is true that having knowledge about martial art is not enough. One should do practice for being a master and to gain full knowledge of martial arts.
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    Choosing a school

    The most important part of choosing a Martial Art school is for which reason you are getting into the school and the form of martial art you want to learn.
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    On the first day of my training, I was a little bit nervous as everyone is new to me there and I know there will be many things I have to learn. But never the less the first day of my training goes well and I made many friends and some self-defense technique I learnt there.
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    Which martial art do you think is best for overall physical conditioning/fitness?

    Best martial arts that are best for overall physical conditioning/fitness are:- Muay Thai. Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is a combat system developed in Thailand most notable for its heavy emphasis on stand-up strikes as well as clinching. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Wrestling. Tai Chi.
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    Lerning Krav Maga

    1 day is good. But practicing krav maga daily is best.
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    Karate vs TKD

    Karate is a Japanese martial art form, while Taekwondo originated in Korea. In Karate Strong punches, kicks, takedowns, and blocks are done. The main feature of Taekwondo is effective kicking. it is one of the faster martial arts.
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    Favorite martial arts site?

    Those sites or blogs which teach updated techniques.
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    Emergency Treatment of Dental Injuries in Sport!

    Thank you for the post. It is good for me to know the information for tooth picking because last time the process hurts and bleeding also happened.
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    What do you call it when you can't get yourself to train?

    Training by yourself can be hard sometimes it is always better to go to a professional teacher if you want to learn truly. If you want to learn self-defense or martial arts going to a teacher is the good thing to do because a teacher can teach you and understand you on how to teach you which you...
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    Popular Science - How to throw a punch

    You can try this method: Get into position Push off with your back foot and set foot Quarter-rotate your jabbing shoulder as you throw the punch Keep your other hand up to guard your face And, then you can throw a punch.
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    Starting Martial Arts After 50

    Learning martial arts after the age of 50 is ok. If you want to do it, then definitely do it.But before then you should understand the capability of your body. If you have the capability and the potential, then go for it.
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    Judo or Taekwondo for best self defense?

    Judo and Taekwondo, both are good self-defense techniques. But which one is better, it depends upon the person, that's how well he or she has gone through a training and practiced it and what is best and comfortable for him or her in self-defense.
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    Martial arts creates Violence? Say Yes or No

    Martial arts do not create violence. But martial arts teach people how to defense themselves against any violent criminal. As any type of wrong and difficult situation may come at any unexpected time, one should always be prepared for self protection. Learning martial arts makes a person strong...
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    Is this a Wing Chun punch?

    Yes, it is a Wing Chun punch which is being shown in this video.
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    Security, Police Training, and perceptions...

    Thanks for this valuable information.
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    New Student: when will you quit?

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
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    KT:How do you teach th basics to begginers?

    You can teach the basics to beginners by discussing all the theory of it. Once they get to know the theory perfectly it will be easy for them to catch up practically.
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    Kyokushin Karate

    Kyokushin Karate is famous for being one of the harder substyles of Karate.Kyokushin is a style of stand-up, full contact karate, founded in 1964 by Korean-Japanese Masutatsu Oyama. Kyokushin is the Japanese word for "the ultimate truth." It is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement...
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    What is your favorite aspect of martial arts?

    The best aspects of martial arts for me is healthy lifestyle and self-confidence.
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    boxing question

    They are doing the footwork. Footwork is a martial arts and combat sports term for the general usage of the legs and feet in stand-up fighting.
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    Bennefits of studying Judo?

    Benefits of learning Judo are: Developing physical fitness. Growth in strength and flexibility. Increased speed and agility. Greater endurance. Good static and dynamic balance. Improved reaction time. Excellent coordination. Increased self-confidence.
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    Importance of Martial Arts!

    Martial Arts is becoming increasingly popular these days: Self Defense – This is the primary reason you should learn this art. It is undeniable that violence exists everywhere. Our team of trainers will help you learn the skills and techniques that will allow you to defend yourself no matter...