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  1. KenpoTex

    Tritium sights

    "Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do." :p
  2. KenpoTex

    Interesting issue regarding sobriety checkpoints

    You're absolutely right, the difference is that in a voluntary contact like you mentioned above, people have every right to refuse to speak and walk away...even if they don't know that. In a checkpoint, once they're in...they're stuck. THAT is what I have an issue with. People being stopped...
  3. KenpoTex

    Interesting issue regarding sobriety checkpoints

    Can you provide an example of a time that it would be acceptable to make a stop/detain someone without at least RS? I'm having a hard time coming up with one. Agreed...but it only makes sense to me that the stop/detention would have to be legal in the first place.
  4. KenpoTex

    Interesting issue regarding sobriety checkpoints

    No No The thing that gets me (aside from the fact that I believe that checkpoints are unconstitutional) is that saturation patrols are going to be much more effective. You want to catch drunks?...send the 20 guys (or however many) that would be working the checkpoint to the bar-district...
  5. KenpoTex

    The Target Ball - Practice on the cheap

    I used to do this a lot, except I used ping-pong balls for a tighter "accuracy standard"...had a couple of them hanging in "high-traffic" areas of the house so I could just hit 'em once or twice anytime I walked past. One of my favorite drills: -Start with the knife sheathed/clipped to the...
  6. KenpoTex

    10 round clip controversy

    Grrrrr...never mind...
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    New Blade

    According to the website, it's 5.59 oz. It's a hefty knife, I had a guy ask me the other day if it was designed to "stab 'em, or beat 'em to death with it." :D It handles really well.
  8. KenpoTex

    Anti-gun stupidity continues...

    The title of the thread sums the situation up nicely... (and Cruentus did a great job of breaking it down).
  9. KenpoTex

    Good article on training

    This article focuses on practicing the skills you learned during a training-class. It also has some excellent advice on training in general. Enjoy
  10. KenpoTex

    Assaults on cops rise.

    R.I.P. Officer least he took the bastard with him. I hope those ****ers on the parole board never enjoy a full night's sleep for the rest of their lives...
  11. KenpoTex

    New Blade

    re: the monkey's-fist, lklawson nailed it, I can't add anything pertinent to his answer. Oh, forgot to mention, the other lanyard (the square-braid) holds a fire-steel. Nice way to both carry some para-cord and a source of emergency fire. Here's another pic now that I've "waved" the knife...
  12. KenpoTex

    New Blade

    Thanks. and, I'm not too worried about's marketed as a hunting/outdoorsman's knife.
  13. KenpoTex

    New Blade

    My GF got me this for Christmas It's the Benchmade "Bone Collector," basically a Griptilian on steroids. Product page the basics... D2 instead of 154CM for the blade, G10 instead of zytel (or whatever they call it) for the handles. Steel liners Slightly thicker blade and handle. So far...
  14. KenpoTex

    Store Owner Shoots, Kills 3 Robbers

    Good for Mr. Castillo. Not only were his actions decisive, but they were effective...3 for 3, DRT. :ultracool
  15. KenpoTex

    Should Off Duty Officers Carry Guns In Bars?

    What exactly is it that they teach? You said yourself that "you get to end the threat only." In a shooting, you shoot until the threat is stopped...whether you have to fire 2 rounds or 20 rounds to accomplish that is irrelevant. The only time the number of rounds fired is excessive is when...
  16. KenpoTex

    For CCW people

    jks, I can see the point about having some sort of restraints available. I guess the issue I see is that, as you know, the process of restraining someone puts you in a vulnerable position (close proximity, weapon holstered, etc.). I could maybe see doing it if you had someone to cover you (or...
  17. KenpoTex

    For CCW people

    Always: -G19 or "19L" -spare mag -folding knife -flashlight Usually (in addition to above): -either a fixed-blade or a Sap, depending on how I'm dressed. Sometimes: -BUG (j-frame) -OC
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    my knowledge of self defence

    Let me take a wild's famous 'cause of this? :D
  19. KenpoTex

    a serious question of real life application

    but, entertaining... :ultracool
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    Front Sight firearms training

    I would say your best bet is to just do your homework. Check out the school's website and read instructor bio's and course descriptions to find out what is being taught and who is teaching it. Browse some forums to find course reviews from students who have taken the class you're looking at...
  21. KenpoTex

    Great list of drills

    This link is to the "drills" section of Todd Louis Green's site. Lots of good stuff...enjoy There are also a ton of great articles...spend some time reading.
  22. KenpoTex

    Front Sight firearms training

    I don't see myself ever spending any money with them...
  23. KenpoTex

    Firearms Instructors...

    I rack the slide using the overhand method for every reload. The main reasons I prefer this method are that (1) it is consistent with my other gun-handling procedures (malfunction clearing), and (2) you get full compression of the recoil-spring to drive the slide forward. If the mag doesn't...
  24. KenpoTex

    Making a wooden knife

    I think something like Red Oak would be a good choice. I'd be looking for a piece of wood free from knots or other imperfetions/weaknesses. Use something about 3/4" thick so the handle ends up being the correct thickness. Trace/draw and cut out your basic design using a scroll/band/jig-saw...
  25. KenpoTex

    Mass. Officer Shoots Teen With Knife

    easy...just use a knife that shoots :D
  26. KenpoTex

    Hand To Hand Firearms

    There is an instructor known as "SouthNarc" who is on the cutting edge when it comes to integrating gun-fighting and empty-hand combat (preemptive striking, clinch-work, grappling, etc.). He also offers the best presentation on "pre-fight" issues and managing the initial contact that I have...
  27. KenpoTex

    Bump fire

    It's not hard with a little practice...I've done it with an AR and an AK. Other than making lots of noise and getting looks from the other people at the range (which admittedly is kinda fun :D), it's not really practical for anything.
  28. KenpoTex

    Gun Disarms

    I definitely agree with using airsoft to test and/or validate your technique. In fact, AFAIC, once the student gains some basic familiarity with the technique I feel that airsoft should be used often (if not always) to "keep you honest." The problem I have with this technique is that there...
  29. KenpoTex

    Gun Disarms

    Is it just me, or does it look like there are several times that the muzzle of the pistol sweeps the "defender's" head?
  30. KenpoTex

    Jerry Miculek with a rifle

    Most people are familiar with Jerry and his speed-shooting exploits with a handgun, here's a clip of him using a rifle. Aside from the cool display of shooting talent, there are some "pearls of wisdom" in his comments. "I don't have a...