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    Who was your master

    I agree, I'd look for a place that mentions/honors the teachers' teachers. It doesn't matter so much that I do not know those names. What I do know is that here is a place that respects the ones who came before, which is a plus in terms of what the rest of the school's philosophy is likely to be.
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    Tell me about your first day of training..

    5 months ago, absolutely terrified. I knew nothing, I was the only woman, and literally half the size of the sensei. I'm not fast or good at improvising. I don't like strangers touching me... But I'd sat in on my son's classes for two years and in all that time I'd never seen any of the senseis...
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    I've been gripped...

    Watched my son study Japanese jujutsu (the spelling our school uses) for a few years before feeling this summer like I wanted to try, as well. I went in thinking I wanted it for self defense, which changed after pretty much the very first class to a realization that there is something BIG here...