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  1. yorkshirelad

    Grisly islamist attack in Britain...

    Not quite! They hate us because we are a philosophically Judeo-Christian people. They hate us because on the whole we are tolerant towards those who would be beheaded or stoned in Islamic nations. They hate us because we are not, on the whole, followers of Islam. Oh, and you didn't answer my...
  2. yorkshirelad

    Grisly islamist attack in Britain...

    We incite them by being who we are. We incite them by having freedom of expression, speech, and religion. Britain has one of the largest populations of muslims in Europe. Extreme right wingers are being incited by the fact that Britain is being over run by muslims. how do we deal with them?
  3. yorkshirelad

    Grisly islamist attack in Britain...

    So let me get this straight, if we pull out of the Middle East completely, and let radical Islamists have free reign, we'll appease them and violence will cease. Oh, then we'll have to appease the right wing militants in British society by deporting the radical muslims in British society. Then...
  4. yorkshirelad

    Lets talk about Dai Wa Do Jujutsu

    What a bizarre conversation!
  5. yorkshirelad

    Lets talk about Dai Wa Do Jujutsu

    Thanks Chris! I know that Sato kinbei had visited the US before, but I had no idea that a direct student was among us. I'd like to know more.
  6. yorkshirelad

    Oh the humanity, oh the horror, OMG that hurts, just thinking about it

    Don't people realize that wearing underwear mitigates a zipper injury drastically?
  7. yorkshirelad

    Who is the most Impressive martial artis that you have personaly seen

    Technically, I would say frank Trejo and Larry Tatum have it. In terms of longevity, Chuck Sullivan and Dave Hebler. The best all rounder has to be Frank Trejo though. When it comes to techniques, forms and sparring, Mr. Trejo's got it all!
  8. yorkshirelad

    Lets talk about Dai Wa Do Jujutsu

    Mr. Meade, I was never aware that Kimbei Sensei had created this system. Could you tell me who you learned it from, and is there a large contigent of students in the US?
  9. yorkshirelad

    US won't accept Falklander's rights to self determination

    Why not just share the bloody Islands? I mean, who could resist tripping the light fantastic in Buonos Aires; beautiful women, cheap wine and great steak? Just sayin'!
  10. yorkshirelad

    Romney Abroad

    Yes,I really do believe that good old Mitt and Sir John (C) spoke about super secret stuff.....please people! Probably just tea and bickies (decaf tea).
  11. yorkshirelad

    Professor Robert Clark

    Soke Robert Clark passed away recently. He was a good man!
  12. yorkshirelad

    Women in combat arms? Infantry, Armor, ...

    As long as they carry the M240 on road marches, qualify with all weapons, and can pass the APFT to an InfantryMAN's standard, let em in!
  13. yorkshirelad

    Unarmed Florida Teen Shot

    Bill, I have a problem with Neighbourhood Watch programs. To me, it's not about rights, it's about annoyance. Many times these programs are begun with the best of intentions, and then become a hobby for wannabee tough guys who have nothing better to do with their time. It seems that...
  14. yorkshirelad

    GM JI Han Jae

    Hapkido has always had a dubious ranking history, and still does, but that does not make the art a fraud. To begin with, it is doubtful if Choi had any rank in Daito Ryu from Takeda Sokaku. After all, there is no record of him training with Takeda, and he claimed that his documentatio got lost...
  15. yorkshirelad

    Unarmed Florida Teen Shot

    It's guys like this who get laws changed, making it harder for decent people to obtain a CCW.
  16. yorkshirelad

    Unarmed Florida Teen Shot

    Greeting everyone! I know, I've been away for a while, but here I am with my view on the Trayvon case: I have to say, I'm not a fan of Neighbourhood Watch. In many cases, it begins with the best intentions, but starts to get insidious when you're questioned about the dubious looking tatted guys...
  17. yorkshirelad

    Women in combat arms? Infantry, Armor, ...

    I, personally would love to see women in the infantry. I have no problem billeting with them, showering with them, and spooning with them in freezing temperatures. I have no problem hold a bag for them to dump in while in the field, no problem at all. I just wonder how many concessions will be...
  18. yorkshirelad

    This chick can throw a knife.

    I think the Chick is smokin'! I'd much rather spend my time with her than Japanese guys in skirts, but that's just me!
  19. yorkshirelad

    Kido Rumors

    Korean Martial arts are known for division. Kido has had a history of bust ups over one thing or another since its inception. It's probably the same old story, the "I'm the biggest boy in the school" mentality. If this is true, it'll just lead to a new Martial Arts org, with a founder who'll...
  20. yorkshirelad

    Morgan Freeman calls Herman Cain a racist

    Funny thing is Steve, before Obama was a nominee, only a small portion of African Americans voted in General Elections. When obama became the nominee, they voted in droves. Are those people racist, because they only came out to vote for an African American?
  21. yorkshirelad

    You gott be kidding Inhalers really

    I got bi-lateral pneumonia while in basic training at Fort Benning a few years ago, I was in hospital for a week, but ever since then, my lungs haven't been 100%. Over the counter inhalers are extremely dangerous. I tried one about a year ago and my heartrate went through the roof. It actually...
  22. yorkshirelad

    List of United States Journey Book Honorees

    I can see the politics already starting to boil here. In Ireland there's Shay Paget, Barney Coleman, Shay McNamee and Paul Dowling. In the UK what about Bob Rose, he was instrumental in propagating Kenpo in the UK and without him where would Gary Ellis have been introduced to Kenpo. Even though...
  23. yorkshirelad

    New to Bujinkan

    I'm glad you enjoyed it Ash. It seems to be what you're looking for. Enjoy it, and good luck!
  24. yorkshirelad

    New to Bujinkan

    Ash, Bujinkan doesn't really have any quality control, so there is no way of knowing whether Mr. Castan can give you what you need. Before anyone can give you advise on whether to train with him or not, we have to know what you want out of Martial Arts. If you want a system that teaches you a...
  25. yorkshirelad

    IKKI Board of Directors

    After reading a thread on the Kenpotalk forum about the IKKI and its Board of Directors, I, Dom McGee would like to categorically state that I am not, by any means a member of the Board. I have applied to be a member of Kenpotalk, but my account has not yet been approved, and, as this is its...
  26. yorkshirelad

    Sad Story of Christian Choate

    Very sad.....really very sad!
  27. yorkshirelad

    The X-Kans

    The only thing you learn from the bad instructors, is to not train with them. If you're a brand new student to the Martial Arts, you have nothing to relate the bad from the good. It is an orgaization's duty to impose some degree of quality control on its instructors. Otherwise, students get...
  28. yorkshirelad

    Man Gets Flight With Invalid Pass

    TSA= Thousands Standing Around. I'm always amazed at how many of them there are, and they seem to make the whole process more difficult.
  29. yorkshirelad

    The X-Kans

    Hmmm, this is interesting. I know that Hatsumi teaches Budo Taijutsu, but if he is caretaker of his branch of the Takamatsuden ryuha, doesn't that mean he has to pass them on at some stage? Does anyone know if Hatsumi still teaches the individual to the Japanese Shihan in order for his branch of...
  30. yorkshirelad

    The X-Kans

    I don't know Hatsumi Sensei, but it seems to me that that he views the ranks he gives in the Bujinkan as meaningless. I would like to know, how many of the Jugodans out there have Menkyo Kaiden in the various ryuha. We know that Manaka Sensei, and Tanemura Sensei both got Menkyo Kaiden from...