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  1. Brother John

    What is Kenpo Good For?

    Wow Dan, that's a good many questions. I've got to confess that having been abscent from MT for a good long time I'm coming late to the party here and haven't yet taken the time to read even the very first reply (looks like by some fella named "ChineseKempoJerry") ...but I hope to when I get...
  2. Brother John

    Weapons and behavior

    Do I carry weapons routinely? no. Neither my profession nor average environment warrants it. How ever I keep many weapons strategically place in and around my home and in my vehicle. I also go walking at night with a 3' wooden stick. But really....that's nothing but a dog deterrent. The end of...
  3. Brother John

    But you're not a black belt.

    BINGO!!! if you can't learn from ANYONE You've probably not learned much of anything at anytime. Seeking insight, info... exercising discernment and employing critical thought requires NO rank, and rank without these things... means very little. Your Brother John
  4. Brother John

    Learn from Youtube

    True. BUT: an instructor and the coaching / guidance of a MORE experienced person is So Very helpful that it's far more than just an advantage. I'm a BIG believer in self education!!! But that...supplementary.....not in place of....instruction and guidance from a master. Your Brother John
  5. Brother John

    Learn from Youtube

    Boarman, I think you raise an excellent point. It's sort of like the difference between a person who doesn't know hardly anything about cooking (lets call him "Brother John") watching the "Cooking Chanel" with his wife who DOES know a lot about cooking and his mother in law who is a trained and...
  6. Brother John

    Needing Help

    Listen Jack- While I was in college I craved getting together with other martial artists. I was able to teach them my art, but I also wanted to learn something else, get a taste for other martial arts....etc, Most any college or Jr. College in the USA has not only students from around the...
  7. Brother John

    YMCA, Community College, Recreation Center for a Beginner?

    The instructor of a school is ALWAYS either the biggest "Pro" or biggest "Con" of any school. Period. WHERE they teach hardly even enters the picture. If they are worth their salt they could help you achieve greatly while teaching you in the middle of a public bathroom. If they are a horrible...
  8. Brother John

    How to best deal with injuries...

    There's a marked difference between bumps / bruises / scrapes / lumps / pain / soreness AND injury. Learning to discern the difference is crucial as they are regarded and treated differently. The BEST way to avoid injury = don't do anything that would lend itself toward injury. BUT...seeing...
  9. Brother John

    Only Christians relevant in Alabama

    I really don't know, because I wasn't there to hear him..... but perhaps this could explain it: Perhaps if we knew the REST of the message he was trying to convey (Context) maybe he was trying to relate that in Christian theology ....All Christian's are seen as one family.... and perhaps his...
  10. Brother John

    Learning Latin, how? try that.... interesting ideas, but not very exhaustive it seems. Your Brother John
  11. Brother John

    Rights and lefts a new thread

    IMAGINE....IF there were a malevolent power "Out there" who wanted nothing more than the dissolution of the United States and ALL that it's stood for. What would they want to do to RUIN us the best?? Get us to rally against ourselves. To draw up two dichotomous positions so that no matter...
  12. Brother John

    Do most fights really go to the ground?

    The way I see it, I don't care that much about percentages. In my line of work as a corrections officer and in the years I spent as a bouncer in a college town "Club", I've been in and seen a great many fights and scrapes go down. Fighting is manifest chaos and beyond most quantifiable aspects...
  13. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    Lori- You kind of proved my concern true: that by using wikipedia as a reference you may try to skew it to seem that I've never bothered to actually read Maslow. But I have. Lucky for me I made LOTS of "time to read a book"....or many books.... while majoring in psychology. I merely used...
  14. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    What man can compete with power-tools? Your Brother The Energizer Bunny-Wanabe John
  15. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    I think that Bruno is pretty close to the mark. There are other things that biological drives that make sexual expression a need, in my opinion. I do not think that sex with a prostitute is a viable 'expression' that would meet this need. I think it's a case of 'Looking for love in all the...
  16. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    Was wondering if you'd mind answering my questions I posted in post #60. Must have missed'm. Thanks Your Brother John
  17. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    Human's objectify humans. Period. Men look at a very physically attractive woman and (most often) their biological urges move them to think of them for things other than their personality and what they contribute to society. Simple truth. Women look at men in a fitted suit, gold watch, stepping...
  18. Brother John

    Your Teachers Experience

    The instructor's life experiences are a bonus if he has some that is relevant: LEO, Military, bouncer, security work, collegiate athlete....etc. But honestly these things are not a huge factor on my list of things that I (or I think MOST) look for. There are other factors that predominate the...
  19. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    A Question for Blade96: You may have already answered this before, I don't know. IF so, please feel free to just direct me there... Why is it, do you think, that legalization and regulation of prostitution would not significanty reduce the 'exploitive' aspects of prostitution? Nothing would...
  20. Brother John

    Ontario prostitution laws could be lifted Saturday

    SHOTGUN!!!!!!!! ( everyone remember, I called it first ) Your Brother (buckle up) John
  21. Brother John

    Words you live by

    I Like that Steve!! Good food for thought. Me? #1: Love the Lord God with ALL of who & what you are...seeking God's mind constantly. #2: Love ALL people and be at peace with them so far as it is up to me. (this includes loving / forgiving and being at peace with MYSELF as well) #3: To...
  22. Brother John

    A low point in my training--worst in class.

    I'm doing the unadviseable and responding to you w/out having read the other's responses: YOU are HUMAN. The martial arts are "about" a great many things, especially dependant upon where YOU place the emphasis. MY point of view is that it is about LIFE, and that your training is specifically...
  23. Brother John

    Southern Baptist leader, "no yoga for Christians"

    saying this mostly to others as I'm sure that "Pastor NidanChris" (funny to put those together) is very likely to know this better than I.... but one group of people from the first century Christian Church that are often held up in HIGH regard for their discernment about their teachers were the...
  24. Brother John

    Southern Baptist leader, "no yoga for Christians"

    Excellent point. I believe that it's my responsibility as a Christian to strive to be obedient to God to the best of my ability and to not violate my own conscience or that of my brothers/sisters in Christ. IF I feel that something IS a sin...yet I do it, then I AM sinning. Simple as that. IF...
  25. Brother John

    Southern Baptist leader, "no yoga for Christians"

    and WHAT if they DO question, and then agree with him??? Are they still Sheeple? Because honestly, You don't know and are not qualified to ascertain IF they've "questioned" at all. It appears to me you simply don't like their opinion. Condemning without fully understanding seems to me to be NO...
  26. Brother John

    Southern Baptist leader, "no yoga for Christians"

    I don't know Dr. Mohler, but he has SOME good points, but overall ..I don't agree with him. He's right in that if a person engages in ALL of the eight branches of yoga as they were originally established by the sutras of Patanjali, then he's 100% correct... it was a vehicle for mystical self...
  27. Brother John

    Where to Find Pressure Point Study Resources?

    Couldn't agree more. I think that the difficult part here is that Kyusho is used in MANY of the better Karate-Do systems as a kind of coded map to distill out the hidden uses of the original Kata Bunkai. Unfortunately, MOST people lost these application codes a long time ago ( more like they...
  28. Brother John

    The MMA "cage?" TMA "freedom?"

    To "Hand Sword"- (the OP) I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this. I may not agree 100%, but I think it accomplished what a decent thread-seed should = made people THINK and then discuss. I enjoyed reading it because it presents a paradigm shift. When the UFC/ al....began to become...
  29. Brother John

    Running and/or Swimming

    Either are great but BOTH is AWESOME!!!!!!! I dated a girl who would run 1 1/2 miles to the gym/pool swim LOTS of laps, do some crunches, pushups, chin ups then run the 1 1/2 miles. She did this every other day, religiously. AMAZING Shape / Amazing body!!!!!! I highly recomend doing both...
  30. Brother John


    I do Yoga along with my MA training and it's GREAT!!! I originally got into it just to supplement my other training methods. NOW....I'm REALLY into it and consider myself as a "Yogi" as well as a "Martial artist" now. I think you'll find it has even more benefits for you than you think...