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    Ask Me Anything Korean Language Related

    Are you sure you read correctly? All I get from a search is of a Babylonian god lol.
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    Ninjutsu good for security agent?

    When it's ninjutsu, all I can think of is disguise costumes, wall climbing, arson, poison, being vegan and sleeping on your left side.
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    Calisthenics - jack of all trades for MA?

    If you're trying to "get back into shape," it absolute does not matter in hell what you do. Try some bagwork and stick to whatever pushes you to near collapse.
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    Strength training

    Who in hell said that strength is not important? There is a definite line that indicates whether you can win with technique alone. Grip, legs and abdominals are the focus.
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    Ask Me Anything Korean Language Related

    4 characters = 4 syllables. First one is turn back, and second is just turn.
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    Ask Me Anything Korean Language Related

    Thanks for clarity.
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    Ask Me Anything Korean Language Related

    "Fix your uniform" would be something like 도복정리, although I don't know if Korean classes say it at all. I don't know if they say 뒤로돌아 either, as it's informal and such commands would be said in noun form and not imperative. For kneel, it would probably be 무릅! or 무릅꿇어.
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    Which kind of strenght training it's better for martial arts?

    Every single muscle counts. I'd say top priority for fundamentals in terms of repetitive, high rep strength would be quads, calves, obliques, lower back and front delts. I'll repeat that every single muscle counts. It's okay if every bit of muscle isn't used to purely strength. Mass and momentum...
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    Jump kicks.

    Jeez. I've been able to do them since what feels like the beginning of time. 1) if your actual jumping or athleticism is the problem, oh boy, is that going to take a while to fix. Start with hip mobility. 2) kicking technique. You see, with jump kicks, technique is basically just determined by...
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    Is brachial stun effective for real fight

    I do know that punching somebody in the throat is pretty effective, however potentially lethal.
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    Dismissed from a Taekwondo club, what to do?

    Join another club I guess. Whether or not you tell anybody there/they care is up to you/them.
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    Ninjutsu contradictions

    I would educatedly guess that is true, since ninja were almost exclusively comprised of peasant organisations. Hence the occasional use of cheap but effective weapons such as kusarigama. Also poisons.
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    Friend is thinking about martial arts.

    At least a little positivity would be enough to keep things fun. It's not like you would bash the beginners' asses to hell from day two. Your friend seems like he has a bit of prejudice and is kind of unreasonable about how training takes place. Any half decent teacher would demand effort from a...
  14. KangTsai

    Mark Phillips/Londons Wing Chun Academy/Fight Science

    A large group of his fanbase, like any martial arts figure, is terrible. I like him because he makes legitimate, practical tips and actually knows what he is talking about unlike, say, Kalicenter (FMA YT channel - credibility is pretty much through the floor in my judgement). His...
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    What Martial Arts should i study to be a great well rounded martial artist?

    That's a flawed stance. I still don't understand the argument that somehow, competition rules designed to keep fighters able to continue their careers cause your training to be ineffective in hurting somebody. I suggest you deepen your understanding of your current training before attempting to...
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    Opinions on this story I was told

    The absolute pants-on-head. A wooden sword would be okay, even if you still look pretentious as all heck at a public beach.
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    How often of work out in week exercise to get in shape myth?

    Thrice a week is not unheard of for most people's lifting programs. I went to the gym about 2-3 times a week along with 2-3 MMA sessions so yeah. Never really did cardio in the gym except bagwork.
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    Getting in Fighting Shape... for Summer

    I just ate less and lifted.
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    Wing Chun Boxing

    Pretty interesting, if not a bit redundant.
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    RIP Otto Warmbier

    I find it hard to sympathise, largely because he thought going to North Korea would be a good idea in the first place.
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    Sucessful use of 3-sectional staff in full-contact sparring

    I like the stick assisted kimuras.
  22. KangTsai

    Workouts to improve upper body strength?

    It doesn't. In fact, it's a pectoral stretch, which creates more tension.
  23. KangTsai

    I need a new fist

    That picture's considered the safest fist to make for striking. Ever considered open-palm or slapping?
  24. KangTsai

    Training my guard

    That's the one I meant. Completely useless.
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    Starting Muay Thai for selfdefense?

    At this point, theory gets you nowhere. Go to all the places and pick your favourite. My biggest tip, after joining, is to actually care about improving and getting proficient; I see guys at my MMA gym who have been there for close to two years and are still sloppy as heck.
  26. KangTsai

    Training my guard

    Personally I only parry upward to set up a kick or a body 2. Otherwise I don't even have my front hand up during sparring, since what happens at my arm length is usually pretty predictable to me. The only times I have been hit in the face in the past months is when my lead arm was OUT, not DOWN...
  27. KangTsai

    Effectiveness of Multiple Kicks

    It works sometimes. It's exhausting as hell however, so I wouldn't try it.
  28. KangTsai

    Shoulders up, chin down...feels akward

    Thoracic extension and tucked chin is ideal. My bastard throat, good for nothing but eating and singing, is structured so that I suffocate myself when I tuck my chin. Thankfully I made sure I was extra good at blocking and slipping.
  29. KangTsai

    Powerlifting combined with Kickboxing

    If you actually want to improve your kickboxing, you should be training it more than once a week. Anecdotally, I never experienced rust.
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    Ask Me Anything Korean Language Related

    Hi guys. I am not dead and I declare this thread still relevant. I've gone for about a month and a half.