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  1. hong kong fooey

    the dasrk knight

    ias anybody going to see the new BATMAN movie? I am going to see it on saturday it looks awsome! I can't wait HEATH LEDGER is going to be great as THE JOKER
  2. hong kong fooey

    what to do

    I have started to take TANG SOO DO and im not sure if I should drop my TAE KWON DO Class! I like MY TKD class but I feel as if Im not learning anything new. I want to learn some self defence moves and they are not taught at my TKD class. maybe I should take a break for awhile but I have my...
  3. hong kong fooey

    hey im back

    hey all I know it's been quite awhile since I last posted! but here is what has been going on so far. I decided to drop TAE KWON DO for awhile. it's not that I did not like TAE KWON DO because I do the reason I am stopping for awhile is because of my class. it's a fun class but I feel as that I...
  4. hong kong fooey

    new class

    Hey I just started training in TANG SOO DO! I praticed TAE KWON DO for about 4 years and wanted to learn somthing different. I really like the class. havent really learned any forms yet but it's coming
  5. hong kong fooey

    fantasy football

    hey everybody I started a fanasy football league if anybody is interested here is the info ID# is 761108 and the Password is west virginia. it's free im not sure if you have to have a yahoo email account or not. sign up. but hurry up the draft is on sat night at 9:15 pm
  6. hong kong fooey

    more class

    alright here we go as of right now I take TKD once a week. I like going once a week because I get my exercise and am able to learn my forms. and it gives me extra time during the week. but im wondering of one day a week is enough or if I should find another class to go to.
  7. hong kong fooey

    Where to go

    I went to the meet and greet and learned some AIKIDO and was wondering if anybody knew of a AIKIDO school in or around maryland
  8. hong kong fooey

    Last Harry Potter Book

    well I just finished the last Harry potter book! I can't belive I read 875 pages in one day my eyes hurt. lol it was a great book that had a lot of action in it as well
  9. hong kong fooey

    fellow MTER saves life

    last night TKDGIRL WMKS Shogun and myself were eating a meal at ruby tuesdays when a lady next to us started to choke quickly WMKS Shogun jumped up and gave her the heimlich maneuver after awhile whatever was choking her was dislodged and she was fine just thought everyone would like to here...
  10. hong kong fooey

    crazy instructer video

    wrong video
  11. hong kong fooey

    cool movie quiz

    what 80s movie are you?
  12. hong kong fooey

    the movie star game

    okay heres the game try to think of a movie star going with last names A through Z for example if I put Tim Allen the next poster would have to think of a movie star who's last names starts with a b and so on. once we get to Z we start over. so I will Start TIM ALLEN
  13. hong kong fooey

    my favorite smiley

    okay what is your favorite smiley on martial talk? here's mine :muta3: :undertake
  14. hong kong fooey

    disney world

    here is a pic of me at disney world it proves that I can get a little bit goofy
  15. hong kong fooey

    im back

    Finally I have came back to MT! I know I have been gone for awhile just needed so rest and relaxation but now im back! I just finished a tournament with TKDGIRL and came in 3rd place! we had fun and im proud of how I did.
  16. hong kong fooey

    tkdgirls gold bar

    I just wanted to say congulations to TKDGIRL for getting a gold bar! keep up the good work maybe one day I will have a gold bar as well huh.
  17. hong kong fooey

    new MYSPACE page

    hey I just got a MYSPACE page here is the link check it out and become a friend if ya want I would like to hear from you
  18. hong kong fooey

    leo fong seminar

    I just got back from a LEO FONG seminar. he taught bruce lee and was teaching some wing chun. he was very good and is amazing just to listen to. we did alot of trapping and it was a good experience. he comes here every year to do the clinic
  19. hong kong fooey

    grandmaster leo fong

    I just got back for a seminar by GRANDMASTER LEO FONG. he taught with BRUCE LEE he is a amazing guy.
  20. hong kong fooey

    brown belt test

    Well I did it I fanally got my BROWN BELT tonight. I did pretty good in my test messed up a couple times but alltogether I did okay. I can't belive I have gotton this far one more year and i will be a black belt wish me luck
  21. hong kong fooey

    cool game this is a pretty kool base jumping game it's alot of fun try it out
  22. hong kong fooey

    your favorite rock band

    whats your favorite rock band of all time? mine would have to be either KISS or TWISTED SISTER
  23. hong kong fooey

    your favorite rock band game

    okay here's a game for ya I will name a band and you have to think of a song they did. then you write down your favorite rock band and so on and so on for example. KISS- I want to rock and roll all night and party everyday ACDC
  24. hong kong fooey


    I j have started to train in Sparring in my martial arts class and I don't really like it that much. sparring is not really my thing but I wanted to try it out. well I want to discontinue my training in sparring but Im not sure how to explain it to my instructer. he is very much for sparring...
  25. hong kong fooey

    Another New Belt

    I just wanted to let everybody know that TKDGIRL and Myself got our Green Belts in JONG HAP MU SOOL and we should be testing for our Brown Belts in TAE KWON DOE very soon
  26. hong kong fooey

    deal or no deal video game

    Here is a video game version of the game show Deal or no deal! it's pretty kool I won 10,000$ how much did you win
  27. hong kong fooey

    people do the dumbest things

    you know some people will do anything just like this guy in this video yea who in there right mind would ever do this? and by the looks of it he regrets every last minute of it!
  28. hong kong fooey


    okay A while ago I sprained my ankle doing a tornado kick and now I am kinda hestiant on doing them because I don't want to sprain my ankle again. any suggestions in helping getting back my confidence in my Tornado kicks so I am not afraid I am going to sprain my ankle again?
  29. hong kong fooey

    the maze game

    can you beat the maze game? it's pretty easy comments
  30. hong kong fooey

    Tornado kick Check out this tornado kick he time it just right and looks what happens. great stuff