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  1. shinka

    New Genbukan Dojo In Guelph, Ontario-Canada

    Cool! I used to train at Centre Pro Martial in Montreal,Canada under Sensei Gabriel Samson. Do you know him?
  2. shinka

    Which one for you? kenpo too :P
  3. shinka

    Whats your favorite Martial Arts movies ?

    Azumi 1 & 2 Revenge of the ninja (sho kosugi) ninja 3 the domination (sho kosugi) Ip Man The Hunted (Christophe Lambert) Best of the best Perfect weapon the raid: redemption American Samurai B13 (french movie) Undisputed 2-3 so many more...
  4. shinka

    Joe Lewis passes away

  5. shinka

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome back :)
  6. shinka

    So just how many techniques does your hapkido program have anyway?

    I see it as a good thing...cause it's oviously many variables..... depending on many factors etc... It's good to be able to know what to do in all different aspect of the situation... It's also important to learn them well too.... That's why we practice a lot and it's not an easy task. We have...
  7. shinka

    Hello from Plovdiv Bulgaria :)

    Welcome to the forum :)
  8. shinka

    Diamond pattern uniform?

    Well it may have started there... But I've seen so many GrandMasters with diamond pattern dobok that I do believe it is now very well included in many hapkido dobok style... you may find many online stores that call these dobok (Hapkido uniforms) example ...
  9. shinka


    I'm a security and loss prevention officer. I'm only 5'8" so I must arrest a lot of people bigger than me lol. Ok, I'm in shape and have lots of years of martial arts to back me up but the most important is the way you present yourself.... Be confident,relax,be in control and look in the...
  10. shinka

    Hi from Montreal, Canada

    Hi everyone, I'm new here... I'm from Montreal, Canada. I've been doing martial arts for over 13 years. My main martial art style since 2010 is Hoshinkido Hapkido. I hope the share and learn with all of you :) Take care
  11. shinka

    International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation

    Hi everyone, Just here to promote the dojang (school) i go to. I'm just a student there. It's in Laval, Quebec, Canada. It's The International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation Headquarter All under the GrandMaster Serge Baubil. (Hoshinkido founder)
  12. shinka

    So just how many techniques does your hapkido program have anyway?

    In Hoshinkido Hapkido ...NOT KIDDING. We have 3800 technics in total.
  13. shinka

    Preparing for my first grading!

    It's true that the first belt is kinda easy (no offense) it's a given belt. Showing that you still want to continue in the art. (lots quit so it's kind of a test by itself) I've been doing Hapkido for a couple years now and my best advice (many said it before me)...RELAX.... it's like in a...
  14. Alex's pictures

    Alex's pictures

    Moslty Hoshinkido Hapkido related.
  15. Alex's pictures

    Alex's pictures

    Moslty Hoshinkido Hapkido related.
  16. Alex's pictures

    Alex's pictures

    Moslty Hoshinkido Hapkido related.
  17. shinka

    Diamond pattern uniform?

    My master wear a black dobok with yellow (goldish) stitching. For us, this dobok is for grandmasters ranks... My master is a 9th degree black belt in hapkido.
  18. shinka

    Hapkido falling skills

    The problem with falling technic we get older they hurt more but if you don't practice them enough they hurt even harder. In Hoshinkido, we fall a lot so if we don't train enough in falling...all the rest will be terrible. So, can you do less I think so.....But still need to do some to...