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  1. senseiblackbelt

    What clothes do you train in

    Pretty much train in my karate gi.
  2. senseiblackbelt

    Recommended YouTube channels for learning ?

    practical kata bunkai- Shows kata Bunkai practicalkatabunkai Karate culture - Good Bunkai and shows you modern karate techniques Karate Culture Endless Martial Drills- Good resource for instructors endless martial drills - YouTube Ryan Parker - Variety of awesome content Ryan Parker Click on...
  3. senseiblackbelt

    Should I train Kobudo all by myself?

    Best to train under a dojo. You receive more accurate training.
  4. senseiblackbelt

    Kyu exam. 1up!

  5. senseiblackbelt

    Training for a tournament - what extra stuff can I do?

    Work on punching/kicking power building exercises Do shadow boxing Do footwork exercises like skipping Work on overall body strength.. Goodluck
  6. senseiblackbelt

    Hello from NC, USA.

    Konnichiwa and welcome to MT :) Enjoy your time here! :D
  7. senseiblackbelt

    why belt test?

    What are the other ways someone can assess a student without formal test?
  8. senseiblackbelt

    why belt test?

    Greetings Earthling. Let me explain why we have belt tests. Well, think about it this way. In order for an instructor to know what your abilities are, and, wether you fit the requirements to move onto advanced training, obviously, he/she must formally test you to see what your abilities...
  9. senseiblackbelt

    Pr: Gun appreciation day was ‘phenomenal success,’ says saf

    People appreciate those murderous weapons?
  10. senseiblackbelt

    Learning MT at home

    Your best bet is to go to a reputable Muay Thai Dojo that is known to be a good school. It's always best to go to an expert if you want to learn something new :)
  11. senseiblackbelt

    isit ok for an adults and kids to wear their gi and Belt at the store

    Then that is something that is very... unique. Most people wouldn't wear a gi when they were going to/from class. But either way, we shouldn't confront people for wearing what they want to wear, everyone's different and it's there choice for wearing what they want to wear :)
  12. senseiblackbelt

    Celebrating my successful Kyu exam...

    well done!:)
  13. senseiblackbelt

    isit ok for an adults and kids to wear their gi and Belt at the store

    lol who are you to tell people what to wear and what not to wear? Didn't it ever cross your mind that the person wearing the gi might be going home after classes?
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    looool what could be so stressful about living in hawaii?:)
  15. senseiblackbelt

    Self Defense from rape

    God that is so fucked up. Fair enough
  16. senseiblackbelt

    Self Defense from rape

    Rape is a really bad thing. Being told what some bad people do there poor victims is.. traumatizing. But really there needs to be more awareness of proper useful sd techniques
  17. senseiblackbelt

    Self Defense from rape

    reckon it could since a female vagina is sensitive..
  18. senseiblackbelt

    Self Defense from rape

    by the way, i like your profile pic.
  19. senseiblackbelt

    Self Defense from rape

    ok but lets say hypotheically someone was rapin - god forbid- someone, rapist was defenceless wasnt in a stance, why not go for his dick? problem solved. Im struglling to understand how someone can continue to try and rape someone when there balls are killing.
  20. senseiblackbelt

    Self Defense from rape

    kick him in his dick. It hurts. Alot.
  21. senseiblackbelt

    Most Dangerous (as in Useless) Self-Defense Technique Taught?

    Never knew people still used Internet Explorer. LOL.
  22. senseiblackbelt

    What type of martial art is for me?

    Correction officers are allowed to strike inmates, provided that its done in self defense ONLY. I'm assuming that if you can subdue them without injuring them, then that is the better alternative. If that's the case, then go for it.
  23. senseiblackbelt

    Why do you like fighting?

    why would you even say that?
  24. senseiblackbelt

    Bowing in Martial Arts

    as far as ive seen not all dojos bow at the start and at the end of the class or when doing kata sparring etc
  25. senseiblackbelt

    Why do you like fighting?

    when you are fighting you need to be aware and have your eyes open so that you can detect any kick punch or trick your opponent is trying to use and work out a successful counter attack to that
  26. senseiblackbelt

    Motivation in MA

    Staying Motivated with your Martial Arts Training As with any activity, the early stages are filled with discovery, newness, and anticipation. Unfortunately, after the “Newness” wears off, it is common to become distracted and lose focus on your initial goals concerning your martial arts...
  27. senseiblackbelt

    Why do you like fighting?

    because its challenging and its nice to be aware... I am talking about fighting for fun...
  28. senseiblackbelt

    High kicks of destruction for Tez3

    You know another good way to kick higher? just learn how to do the splits so that u can bend your legs at a 180 degree angle.. How to Do the Splits in a Week or Less
  29. senseiblackbelt

    New guy

    hey its a good way to welcome someone in a forum :p