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  1. Sigung86

    IKCA Gang!!!!

    Just got off the phone with Mr. LeRoux... Am working on an idea/project for Kenpo Talk, so... if you a: Read this post b: are a currently active member of the International Karate Connection Association and c: are interested in helping to bring more attention and insight to the IKCA...
  2. Sigung86

    Dave Simmons

    I was reading on the Internet this a.m. (Thanksgiving Day) at work. I happened to run across a post by Dave Simmons. He died a September a number of years back... And left a vacuum. Dave and I used to spar on the websites, sometimes seriously, but more often in fun as we were, at the...
  3. Sigung86

    Help if possible???

    Thanks for taking time to read this post. Back in the mid-seventies, I lived in a little place called Finchingfield, England. In those days, unless you lived in London, there was a dearth of anything "Kung fu" in the hinterlands of the South. I ordered five 8mm films from, then, Sifu Carl...
  4. Sigung86

    Mysterious Mr. Scott!!!???

    Hey all! This afternoon I was rummaging in my Kenpo "stuff" looking for some old vhs tapes of SGM Parker doing a number of different seminars. I haven't found them yet, but!!!!! I found an old book called, "Chines Kung-fu (Kenpo)" by a fello named William D. Scott, published, probably, in...
  5. Sigung86

    Mozilla Firefox assist needed...

    Please, all you pc guru types, don't laugh... I'm flummoxed. I have Firefox version 2 on my Gateway POS. When I try to use it to open any vid on youtube, all I get is a vast amount of code. I'm on a 56k modem, unfortunately. I am using Windows XP, and like I said, Firefox v. 2. I also am...
  6. Sigung86

    Lowering the Gate????

    The technique as I learned it, all those years ago: Against an upper level punch with either hand from 12:00 - Left foot steps forward into a low horse to 12:00 - Simultaneous left rising block under either punch - Right vertical or standing Eagle's Beak (Center knuckle punch for Non-Tracy...
  7. Sigung86

    Knife help

    I know I have put this in the Kenpo Forums instead of the knife forum, but have done so for a reason. Never having been a slave to the latest trends or fashions, nor one to simply jump on board a wave, because everyone else has, I finally obtained a Kerambit, Karambit, Korambit courtesy of...
  8. Sigung86

    Where to get the best deal?

    I have been a regular pc user for years. Actually got to use some of the very first ones out. Now however, I am fed up to my elbows with Windows, PCs, and the whole sorry mess. I also, will go to my grave, ensuring that GATEWAY will never receive another penny of my hard earned money. With...
  9. Sigung86

    What if ...

    I posted the following on Kenpo Talk, but then thought I might get more responses here, so here goes: I was kind of noodling around here on the forum when a question or two struck me that I would like to put out here. First off, in my little model of the world, I imagine that some, if not...
  10. Sigung86

    Help needed with AOL IM

    After a year or two, I have finally gotten AOL on my machine, and it appears to be working. Unfortunately, my buddy list is very old, and I am sure it is incomplete. If any of my friends (old and-or new) would send me their buddy names via email: I would be most appreciative...
  11. Sigung86

    Paddle Holster Help!???

    I have exhausted all the usual venues for insight and wisdom. I am looking for a paddle holster for my Model 19 Smith & Wesson .357 with a 2 1/2 in barrel. I recently ordered a fobus with the set up for a 4 inch barrel and suspect I can fill it with tissue so the gun sets right (tissue is a...
  12. Sigung86

    Mrs. Parker

    sadly, passed away, probably about an hour or so ago. I received a message from Doc, and several others. I would think that after a respectable period that messages of condolence to Edmund would be most appropriate. Dan
  13. Sigung86

    A question for Doc

    Hey Doc... Haven't commo'd in a long time. Life is good here on Farmer Mountain. LOL! Wonder if you would mind doing a summation on all the indexing and aligning that goes on for one to rise correctly to a standing position from a sitting position in a chair? Thanks, Dan
  14. Sigung86

    Xingyi - Pa kwa practioners... A question.

    Hi everyone, and thanks for enduring my endless questions and prattle. However, not to be deterred... I have a new one. Are the Robert W. Smith Books on "Hsing-i" and "Pa-kwa" good investments? Thanks... Dan
  15. Sigung86

    Ask me about my Pi Chuan! And Thanks!

    Last night, after a number of false starts, I had my first lesson in XingYee. I am excited to be off on a new tangent and learning something that seems to be so much fun, healthy and useful. It sure is different after 30+ years of Kenpo. I have some "new" bad habits to overcome :erg...
  16. Sigung86

    Visual assist?

    Wondering if there is a site out there that has XingYi and/or BaGwa mpegs showing self defense techniques. Thanks, Dan
  17. Sigung86

    Traditional Kung fu Schools in St. Louis?

    Hello everyone. Could use a little help here, if it's available. I live about 50 miles west of St. Louis, MO. And have numerous years in Kenpo. Now before you start laughing, I also have some "considerable" background in multiple Chinese arts. My problem. I think, after 30 plus some...
  18. Sigung86

    Nashville AK Assist

    Looking for anyone currently teaching or working with American Kenpo in Nashville. Trying to help a friend who will be in that area soon. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  19. Sigung86

    Military Appreciation Month

    We are so fortunate in this country to have the freedoms we enjoy.....and we wouldn't have them without the selflessness of the men and women who serve our country........................... "If you are so inclined, visit the Department of Defense web page below and sign a brief message...
  20. Sigung86

    Happy Birthday Kirk

    Since no one else said anything, not even anything antagonistic!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thunk I'd just say Happy Birthday Kirk ... Won't you be glad when you're old enough to drive??? :lol: :lol: :lol: Dan
  21. Sigung86

    Hey Kirk

    I thought, since you are on a temporary hiatus, and can not respond that I would take this opportunity to say: :roflmao: Oh my! The Evil and yet Right Reverend BoB has taken over the keyboard! AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Now take the rest of the weekend off and do...
  22. Sigung86

    Er Y'all from Wichita??????

    I just noticed a few of you, well, one anyway, Brian Hunter, are from Wichita... My wife and I are going to be there probably at least the 12th and 13th of July... Might be kind of fun to hook up and meet some of the bruthas and sistas!!!! Let me know where and how! Take care, Dan
  23. Sigung86

    A Public Apology to Rainman

    Rainman, I want to take an opportunity, if possible to stop the madness. I will stand here and say that I am truly sorry that we got into a spitting contest. I normally do not do things like that, and really have no excuse, but to say that I let a few things bother me that normally I...
  24. Sigung86

    A true Gary Swann Story!

    Gary, an old Texan driving a new pickup truck, stops to pick up this cute teen age girl hitch hiker, she climbs up in the cab and looks at him a little nerviously and asks to go to the next town. Everything go fine for about 10 miles when all of a sudden a jack rabbit darts across the road and...
  25. Sigung86

    Crossing Talon and assorted logic

    Yesterday, The Great Golden Dragon and I were discussing, among other things, the usefulness of certain techniques ... He made a suggestion on the application of Crossing Talon that I found most useful... Experimented with it last night in class, and had Joey, my wife, who isn't deeply into...