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    Broken ribs

    Thanks! I tested for orange belt on Saturday. Easy enough (no sparring, no board breaking yet) but I got surprisingly tired, especially after self-defence round. The only moment when ribs hurt was during falls on my left side. But it's much better now, after two days of rest.
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    Broken ribs

    Thank you all guys for your information! Today I visited a doctor. He said it's just a strain and my ribs aren't broken or fractured (otherwise the pain could be much sharper, he said). What a relief! I really hope he's right, since there is my first promotional test this Saturday and I wasn't...
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    Broken ribs

    Hi everybody, It seems I got one or two fractured ribs after one TDK/Hapkido class a couple of weeks ago. The pain wasn't really bad and I thought it would go away. But it got a bit worse after yesterday's class. I think I have to skip a few classes or at least don't do some painful exersices...
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    High ranked blackbelts who don't fight well...

    Hmm... I've just started TKD training (after many years of bodybuilding/weightlifting). I'm 44 but my enthusiasm is bigger than of some 17 y.o. My question is: does your statement mean that my flexibility (speed, balance, etc) will, at best, be improving rather slowly and only for a few years...
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    Canada Takes Silver!

    You can watch the video (and some others) here: Choose "Sports" category and then "Taekwondo". Viktor
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    bodybuilding INSTEAD of the TKD

    That's interesting, ours stories are almost similar :). I'm 43 and I've been practising bodybuilding/weightlifting since 17 but I gave up recently and went to MA. It's been one month as I'm attending TKD classes and you know what, I'm quite happy and I feel myself much better now. I haven't...