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  1. TallAdam85

    foot print billing

    Hey thinking of going with has anyone used them or are using them if so pros and cons? I need a billing company asap and so far they look like the best
  2. TallAdam85

    x-mas and a dojo store

    Ok last year I did not have much of a dojo store, but this year I do. I was wondering before I go out and buy thing's that I think will sell. I would like to hear from you what people buy for them selfs, kids or parents in Martial arts? Please give me an idea so I can get an Idea for the store...
  3. TallAdam85

    D-Lux Charity Challenge 3

    D-Lux Charity Challenge 3 Host: D-Lux New World Karate LLC Type: Sports - Tournament Network: Global Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010 Time: 9:05am - 5:05pm Location: Madison High School Street: 915 E. 11 Mile Rd City/Town: Madison Heights, MI
  4. TallAdam85

    Karate- Do Logo needed

    Can anyone please Email me a jpg file of the symbol for Karate-Do. I could not find any good ones online thanks
  5. TallAdam85

    Credit Card Machine ?

    Hello Just need some help since this is a new topic to me. I don't have any credit card machines currently and seen some Wireless Credit Card Machine that are free if you use the company. But are there any companies out there who don't take a huge % of the sales? Also what companies do you...
  6. TallAdam85

    back to school time

    So all school owners this post goes out to you. It is almost time for the kids to head back to school. I am just wondering what your doing and how you are planing to get people in to your school. any advice? thanks
  7. TallAdam85

    Sundry Charges?

    Hey I recenlty was looking at some martial arts school contract and about to start using them myself but I have seen alot of the agreements have a spot that say _Sundry Charges- What are they and do u charge them at your dojo? thanks
  8. TallAdam85

    Martial Arts Birthdays

    So after thinking as well as reading a lot about martial arts birthday parties. I have one booked now at my dojo for a student who turns 7. What is great he will have 10-15 of his friends the same age at the dojo so maybe 1-2 of them will join with would be great. Plus I get free pizza and cake...
  9. TallAdam85

    moving puzzle mats

    I have had 40'' by 40'' 7/8 of inch puzzle mats, I have had these mats never moved at my old dojo when I had tile floor. Now that were at the new dojo were on carpet and every day we have to keep moving the mats into place because there sliding to one side of the floor. I was wondering if I put...
  10. TallAdam85

    punisher war zone

    If your a fan of movies with alot of action and lots of killing you will love this movie. This movie is like the new hulk it is not a 2nd to the movie of 2004 a new serious. this one is a lot more like the comics as well as i think the best of the 3 from the one with thomas jane to the one in...
  11. TallAdam85

    anyone ever use this site

    long story short was trying to get ahold of a sensei and let him know i cant make his event but everytime i clicked the contact us page this came up after seeing what it was looks kinda cool thinking about using it as well just wondering if anyone use it for the karate school or just in day to...
  12. TallAdam85


    Hey with a header like this maybe people will take a look and reply. Ok Now most of the time when I would train at dojos they where normaly always White walls nothing to wild. My current dojo when I first opened I painted everything to have a nice bright Egg shell white. Lately I have been...
  13. TallAdam85

    small business loan

    Ok, how’s everyone doing? Ok so my lease is up in April but I must let my current Landlord know what I am planning on doing by February. I have only been at my current location for a year the location is great but the Landlord in nicest trims he is a putz. Last month took him a MONTH to get my...
  14. TallAdam85

    Location, Location Location what do u think

    Location, Location, Location, is what they say when I comes to real estate but how much is it when it comes to a karate school. Would you pay higher rent to be in a shopping center or pay lower rent to be still visible but in a ware house, well this what I am dealing with. Currently I am out...
  15. TallAdam85

    Jan 17th 2009

    Hello, my name is Adam David Lux. I would like to personally invite you the my up coming martial arts tournament. My Tournament is called the “ D-Lux Charity Challenge 2” Last year we donated $2500.00 to “ Make-A-Wish” of Michigan. This year I picked the National Scoliosis Foundation to donate...
  16. TallAdam85

    Rent and what u pay

    Hello everyone, so I am currently thinking of moving to a larger location. My current dojo is 1200 square feet. The total train floor is only about 800 feet though. Now I am thinking if I get a larger place I would want a min of 1500 feet. In the area where my school is at the rent is rater...
  17. TallAdam85

    martial arts marketing companys

    today i was talking to a grand master and he was talk about what he did for marketing his martial arts school before he retired. Now he just gave me a few pointers but he problay wants to sell me the info like any other marketing company. Also thinking of trying another company any tips or...
  18. TallAdam85

    Need a Grappling Teacher in Michigan

    So I opened my own dojo back in April so far so good. Only problem I noticed is that I am getting a lot of calls from people who want to learn grappling and groundwork. I mainly teach Tang Soo Do (3rd Dan in TSD) and Sport Karate so I was wondering if anyone knows anyone who lives near...
  19. TallAdam85

    putting my school on search engines

    Hey I am decent when it comes to using a pc but I am drawing a blank how do I post my school and website online for free like In search engines and so on thanks. Adam
  20. TallAdam85

    demo swords

    hello, one of my students just wants a demo sword to use for tournaments now i found this one anyone ever use it if so how is it? he order one from awma and for 99.00 and it was junk fell apart after a few...
  21. TallAdam85

    leasing car for the dojo

    Once again I have a few questions. I need to get a new car soon, and from what I have heard that if you lease a car and put it in your karate schools name and cover it with karate decails it is consider a tax right off is this true? I am wondering because alot of the companys are starting to...
  22. TallAdam85

    anyway to word this better

    Aug 22nd I am having 10 or so kids testing for novice belts anyways for the people who buy there sparring gear in Aug they get a free testing. I normally charge 20 for each belt. Now that fee is waived if you get gear the sparring gear set is 99.99 you get headgear feet gear and hand gear plus...
  23. TallAdam85

    Back to school time

    Everyone knows that we are less then a month away from school time to start up in the states. Now when school starts lots of time enrollment at martial arts schools goes up. I am just wondering how u are planing on getting people in. I am having a bring a friend night to class on a monday and...
  24. TallAdam85

    Walk in challenges.

    I have said this before and I am sure I will say this again I am new to owning a karate school. So my dojo is located next to a new pizzeria and most of the employees are males ages 17 to 20. I am 23 years old my self so I guess they see me as one of there peers. Anyways getting off topic. So...
  25. TallAdam85

    Sign Problem

    I have a question and need some help, I open my own karate school back In April and there are still many things I am learning about running a business. When I first opened I asked the landlord if I could reface the old sign on my building and he say yes. Then I refaced the sign on my building...
  26. TallAdam85

    metal scrapping

    my family are pack rats and I am sick of having alot of my own junk. Now I have 2-3 old bikes some baseball bats and 2 sets of golf clubs as well as some other random metal junk. Was wondering how do i scrap do they take the items as is or do i have take them apart. and how much does metal scrap...
  27. TallAdam85

    ebay question

    I have been cleaning lately I found an old watch i had link below. The watch is a Jules Jurgensen. Was wondering how much do you think it is worth and what should I start at opening bid. I am not big into watches. thanks for any help adam
  28. TallAdam85

    chamber of commerce

    i recently have been going to the chamber of commerce meeting in the city my school is at. I have not joined them yet but may. Was wondering is anyones school in the chamber of commerce in there city. Or were people in it and did not see any results. any help would be great
  29. TallAdam85

    Who makes a good Kicking Paddle ?

    I do alot of different Kicking and blocking drills that use double kicking paddles. I currently am using a few that are made from century but I only had them for 3 months and the insides foam is already popping from it. Was wondering witch company kicking paddles people had luck with.
  30. TallAdam85

    Free Standing Bags

    I have 3 of the first style wavemaster at my dojo. I would love to get a hanging but my landlord said no unless I can install heavy bags. So the problem I have is with my wave masters is alot of my adults are not very high kickers and they often hit there foot on the plastic. My problem with the...