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    Welcome and happy Posting!
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    Hallo all!

    Welcome and Happy Posting!
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    Welcome and Happy Posting!
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    Spammers should Die.

    Wasn't there one that pled guilty recently....and Bob...glad you have those filters. As one who works in the Information Security Field, spamming can do more damage in some cases than you would realize.
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    Welcome and Happy Posting!
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    New girl from West Midlands, UK

    Welcome and Happy Posting!
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    What MA book would you recommend?

    For me: Zen and the Martial Arts and Bushido Code: The Soul of Japan
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    Hey everyone!

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    Hello, new to the site

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    Ninpo newbie here

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    Noob says what?

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    Lurker just joined

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    The new girl on the block

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    Sidelined by pinched nerve

    Erik....just keep on doing what the docs recommend. Don't do what I did last year. I got back to training when things felt good. The problem was that the injury had not healed completely. That set me back another almost two months. Chill and make the most of the down time and you be back...
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    United States A Nation of Cowards??

    Why...Because political correctness had impeded honest and open discussion....because when people become involved in such discussions broad statements or opinion are taken personally when they don't have to be. Oh...yeah we got that way because the legal system allows for people to file suit...
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    the value of rank

    What a great topic. Uechi-ryu for me was a way at my age (51) to get off the couch and back into some sort of fitness. But I wanted more than just the fitness...I also wanted the discipline and self awareness that comes with it. Having trained now for almost 2 years, I will be going for Gokyu...
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    Hello everyone!

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    New here!

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    The Tradition of Karate

    Perhaps the idea is not to act Okinawian, or Japanese, but to take the time to respect the elders (living and those that have passed on) that took the time to pass the art to us. Personally, I enjoy the tradition of respect. Probably because in everyday life I see so little of it.
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Yeah...I was gonna start a club for procrastinators...but never got around to it.
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    The Last Person Thread - 2.0

    Hey KempoGuy06.... What part of Louisville are you in? My sister lives there...I may stop by your dojo for a visit next trip through.
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    US Nuclear Weapons Lab Loses 67 Computers

    He...he...he.. I was working at DOE when the 2 hard drives went missing a few years back. That was a debacle...I can only imagine what this event is like.
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    I am back

    Thanks guys...with new job things are looking up!
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    so what's your leave-the-country country?

    Any island in the Caribbean...Palm Trees...sand...frozen concoctions. :)
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    I am back

    Hi folks, After a hiatus due to a new job, I am back and hopefully will be able to check in here a couple of times a day. I have to admit that I have missed participating.
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    Next Poster Game - 2.0

    Nah! Terry