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  1. Syeed Ali

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    Superior in arms and an excellent, but very restricted, skillset. I had thought of such things with a spear, and allowing secondary weapons so that there could be a recovery and a few more moments of desperate fighting. Elsewhere in this thread there was talk about relaying the real danger and...
  2. Syeed Ali

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    Thanks for the thoughts everyone! It's useful for me to both understand what others would consider as obvious things which would have to be addressed, and to also get some more advanced hints. I now have a strong idea of how things might play out, and what I'll need to study to describe some...
  3. Syeed Ali

    List all of the Weapons at your house

    As a point of trivia, non-wielded knives and swords aren't classed as weapons in Canada. So I could point out a very stabby slashy wall and it's all cool. :woot:
  4. Syeed Ali

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    That's too cheesy for how I want to portray things. Besides, the enemy is stronger. Working with the non-blade parts (weapon and wielder) are more likely. This is why I want to stress knowledge of form and dexterity. I hope to give the heroes a few paragraphs of a fighting chance, but...
  5. Syeed Ali

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    This is a scenario set up as a duel with witnesses. The goal isn't just to kill the guy but to humiliate, dethrone and hopefully kill him in public; it'll be melee. I'm still contemplating poisons and magic. Dirty fighting (powders or even dirt) is definitely something I'll have to address...
  6. Syeed Ali

    (Fiction/theory) Fighting against the perfect sword

    I'm working on a novel and I have a significant story element which has the heroes aiming to fight against a man with a sword that can cut anything trivially. I'm thinking it would be a moderate-long one-edged sword made for one hand and with a minimal guard. These aspects would give me a number...
  7. Syeed Ali

    Was Funakoshi Gichin a "sell out"?

    Not to stray too off topic, but I was recently learning about Bartitsu, the first western MMA, for it's cane defense. I had one storyteller say that it failed because it was made expensive, marketed toward that crowd then found itself competing with a budding fascination in east Asian martial...
  8. Syeed Ali

    Was Funakoshi Gichin a "sell out"?

    Well.. yes. Obviously. I feel that every martial art which finds a reasonably wide audience can, in hindsight, be thought to have been watered down to what is now the lowest common denominator. Perhaps that denominator is practitioner ability or audience marketability. I like to think of...
  9. Syeed Ali

    The Origins and creation of Systema Kadochnikova

    I know nothing of Starov; I hadn't heard of him before watching Mykytagnosis. Kadochnikov was a classic Soviet scientist-type who manufactured a martial art as a piece of engineering; he has diagrams and everything. Ryabko (and therefore Vasiliev) don't even have names for .. drills, moves...
  10. Syeed Ali

    Tell me about your first day of training..

    If I recall correctly, my first class had a warmup that involved running around the edges of the room doing breathwork. I couldn't keep up, and excused myself to lay down panting in the next room. There was a moment when I had to decide to either give up or get up. When I returned, nobody...
  11. Syeed Ali

    What does my body type need?

    Workouts means nothing for a flat belly until you reduce all fat everywhere. For men, the interstitial "dad bod" fat is reduced very late in the fat loss timeline. Martial arts for weight loss is a strange notion. Martial arts for appearance is also strange. Martial arts are generally not for...
  12. Syeed Ali

    Pod Cast Systema for Life

    A small note of thanks; the podcast is still active with 124 episodes to date. I'm listening to Episode 122: Best of the Podcast 2020-2021 as my introduction. I should be listening to more podcasts since I'm working on one myself, and this is a nice throwback to my olden interests to motivate...
  13. Syeed Ali

    a weak woman

    I tried to read through, but at some point I ended up skimming, so I'm sure I have an incomplete picture. @Lisa lyons - What problem are you trying to solve? You opened with your limitations then hinted at curiosity in martial arts. If you are only interested in your health/fitness, then...