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  1. theletch1

    Newest family member

    So, after years of asking, begging, pleading, etc my wife finally talked me into getting another dog. So, to add to my 11 year old cat (a rescue), our 5 year old mutt (a rescue) and our ball python (not a rescue) we now have a lab/spitz mix in the house. Cute as a button, loves me to death...
  2. theletch1

    Anyone know guitars?

    I just picked up a New York Pro SG copy for $100. I don't play but my wife does. She said she'd teach me if I wanted or she'd keep it for herself. Anyone here know if this is a decent electric or did I waste my money?
  3. theletch1

    So the wife is now addicted

    My wife and I had the weekend all to ourselves and decided to just go "out and about" last Saturday with no particular plan of action. It was one of those days where we kind of took turns chossing what to do. When my turn rolled around I said I had a surprise for her and took her to an indoor...
  4. theletch1

    Moving from the center

    I would like to hear how you explain to your students or even classmates (if you aren't an instructor) how to move from the center. I know how to move from the center myself, I've helped a good many people figure out how to do it as well, however, I have a student that just isn't getting it...
  5. theletch1

    No network adapters

    I've recently had to reload the OS on my desktop. A teenager and music downloads were involved... that's all I'm saying 'til I'm ready to let her out of the attic. Everything went well with the reload except not being able to access the net with it. I attempted to reload the network adapter...
  6. theletch1

    A brush with the paranormal?

    This thread is inspired by this one on vampires. I want to hear from the folks who have/think they have had a brush with the super-natural, paranormal, ghosts, phantoms whatever. Keep in mind that this is the Locker room and not the Study. Please just interact and enjoy without attempting to...
  7. theletch1

    Hillbilly 911

    Sad part is I know sooo many people like this. kBdL9ble9eY
  8. theletch1

    Have an exotic pet? Maybe not for long.

    HR669 is looking to ban "exotic" pets. This would include everything from snakes to guinea pigs depending on how one person in the federal government wanted to look at it. We have a cat, a dog and as of this friday one ball python. I'd rather not loose any of my pets. The cat and dog are...
  9. theletch1


    Stick or MIG? Which is easier to learn/use? Which has a lower maintenance cost? Which is more versatile? I'm looking to get one for some work that needs to be done around the house... building a trailer for hauling wood, repairing a lawn mower, building a smoker... that sort of thing. My...
  10. theletch1

    Favorite chain saw

    When we moved into the house we're in we inherited a Poulan chain saw. Every time I've gone out to use it I've had to work on it. Not just regular maintanance but actually do some work on it. Now that the wife has finished college and is able to work full time and I'm busting my hump on over...
  11. theletch1

    World population control?

    So, I was reading the thread in the Locker Room about the Arkansas couple that has 18 kids and noticed a post by a member stating something along the lines of increasing population and dwindling resources on the planet. That got me to thinking... The population of the world is growing at an...
  12. theletch1

    Political parties US/Europe compare contrast

    There have, for as long as we've been discussing politics here, been questions and confusion regarding the use of the words "liberal", "conservative", "progressive"... well, ya'll get the idea. I'm starting this thread to allow members to put their own description of the major parties in their...
  13. theletch1

    special needs software

    My sister in law has a 12 year old who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. The older he gets the tougher it is for the kid to hold a pencil to do his work sheets from school. I'm trying to find some software that would allow his mom to scan the work sheet and allow him to do the worksheet using his...
  14. theletch1

    Glass half full?

    In another thread one of our members was lamenting that the world was going to hell in a hand basket, especially as it's the end of the year holiday season and folks are acting like animals. Our esteemed colleague, Lisa, pointed out that a change in outlook could help soothe his aching heart...
  15. theletch1

    Old radio shows

    I've been listening to old radio shows from the '30s, 40s and 50s on XM channel 164 for a couple of weeks now. I listen while I'm driving at work and it makes the 300 miles a day seem to fly by. The comedies are actually funny with some subtlety to them. Jack Bennie, Fibber McGhee, Abbot and...
  16. theletch1

    Japanese point of view of the Pacific in WWII

    I've always been fascinated with the war in the Pacific during WWII. Perhaps because I always wanted to be a Marine as a kid and the Marine Corps involvement in the island hopping campaign caught my interest. Recently, I've gotten back in to reading about that particular theater of the war. I...
  17. theletch1

    The holiday kitchen

    Well, as the holidays approach many of us will cook things that we don't cook during the rest of the year. For me, the holiday season always means I find myself in the kitchen cooking with my wife and kids. It's a big part of the season for us. This thread is for us to share our favorite...
  18. theletch1

    A nice, big wall

    I've spent the vast majority of my life (at least since my teenage years) with a reputation for being cold, stand-off-ish, hard to get close to. I was never a truly angry guy. I was actually someone who enjoyed a laugh as well as the next person. But I was impossible to get close to. I put...
  19. theletch1

    Nader drops "Uncle Tom bomb"

    Wow. Just, wow. Story.
  20. theletch1

    So, how long before the call for impeachment?

    Well, it appears that we Americans just love to scream for the impeachment of presidents. It's happened on a fairly regular basis for any number of reasons. My question, only half tongue in cheek, is how long before we hear the call to impeach the president that will be elected today.
  21. theletch1

    On ego.

    In this thread the vast majority of people pointed to ego as one of the attributes of their worst instructor. That got me to thinking... just how important is ego in the martial arts or in life in general? Too large an ego and you become an overbearing ***. Too small an ego and you just never...
  22. theletch1

    Guess what I found?

    Just took Tucker out for a rest room break (reading his pee-mail as I call it) and heard a dog making quite a fuss in the creek at the back of my property. I hooked Tucker up to his runner and went to investigate. What I found was a beagle pup about 6 months old trapped halfway up the side of...
  23. theletch1

    Review and thoughts, please

    Here's a link to a kenpo school in my area. I'd like a review from you kenpo folks on his site. Get a bad vibe? Get a good vibe? Everything seem alright? Thanks in advance.
  24. theletch1

    Show me the money!

    Earmarks. Pork barrel spending. Bribes. To me they're all the same thing. Want to know who got how much and for what? Check this out.
  25. theletch1

    Used aikido today

    As aikido-ka I'm sure you've all had the question "Have you ever had to use you aikido?" and most of us have probably given the standard answer of "I use it every day." This is an anecdote about using the art in every day life that I thought I'd share. Today, I stopped at the local Sheetz to...
  26. theletch1

    antivirus 2009

    Well, it looks as if my youngun has downloaded the antivirus 2009 program. How the hell do I get this off of my computer? It's driving me nuts. I've tried to go to several pages that give directions for removing it from the computer but each time I get a time out error.
  27. theletch1

    A touch of healing

    Heard this on the radio today and wanted to search it out on the net when I got home. It often amazes me how science tends to reinforce what has generally been considered "conventional wisdom".
  28. theletch1

    Denying our nature?

    Mankind has, throughout it's history, fought. Whether it's one on one or nation against nation we have fought bloody, deadly battles for any number of reasons. Sometimes for no reason at all. Many believe that we can evolve out of our deadly nature. Are we just fooling ourselves that any...
  29. theletch1

    This kid is good!

    Found this video of an 11 year old kid. He's fast. 5YuyFIbSu1A&feature=related
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    Well, this week I'm on vacation. So far I've gotten up early, fixed Erica's lunch (for a change), gotten my son on the school bus, helped a friend pull his truck out of a logging road back to his house, cut some brush, cut some timber, sectioned it out, loaded it into my truck and hauled it...