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  1. marlon


    Opinions on the merit of GGM Ed Parker's book: the Secrets of Chinese Karate would be much appreciated. In terms of its benefits as a knowledge base, practical martial arts guide contribution to an understanding of kenpo and clarity of its concepts. thank you Marlon
  2. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    One of the things that bother me about SKK and kempo in general is that it is difficult to grow within the art. Whether egos make an innovator claim a "new" style or the rest of the family start arguing that it is not SKK...we lose creativity. I find it sad that we can let an art stagnate this...
  3. marlon

    Practical method

    Does anyone know this system of taiji? Any opinions, facts, and thoughts on it? Thank you Marlon
  4. marlon

    chen style?

    Anyone know of Chen Zhanghua and Hong Jensheng
  5. marlon

    opinions on these books

    Hello everyone, If you have read any of the following books I would love to know your opinion about them and specific likes and dislikes, please Cheng Hsin: Principles of effortless power by Peter Raltston Cheng Tzu's Thirteen Treaties on T'ai Chi Ch'uan by Cheng Man Ch'ing T'ai Chi...
  6. marlon


    Hello, my 11 yr. old son is going to do a bo form for his elementary school end of year show. It is a made up jo form based on 2 pinan, with no twirls or anything overly fancy. He wants music to go with it and as I am not a competition type instructor, i basically have no idea. So, any...
  7. marlon

    soft hard

    Most kempo blocks when stepping forwards should be soft, and when stepping back should be hard. soft is followed by hard - striking hard is followed by soft - msk manipulation. imo
  8. marlon

    How would your style do it

    There are some shaolin kempo techniques here on video and explained. It would be interesting to have some from other styles explain how the philosophy of system of thier style would modify it and why. Most techiques in Skk are taught against a punch but the good ones are not limited to that so...
  9. marlon

    fun & intersting

    It would be intersting (especially if the senior ken'mpo master joined in) and informative if we ken/mpo people designed each of us 3 techniques, post them on youtube or just here and discuss. I have one that is near ready so far. If others are game this could help us all, get better and...
  10. marlon

    Jimmy Woo

    Does anyone in kempo / kenpo train with this master? Rerspectfully, Marlon
  11. marlon

    techinque over strength

    How do we teach technique over strength...or do we? One of my favorite distinctions of skk from AK (exculding sl4 it seems) is the body manipulation involved. Is this realistic? Is is emphasized enough? is it emphasized too much. Think of old age and fatigue, children and smaller physiques...
  12. marlon


    forward stance: I have both legs bent. Others? Dragon stance, useful or fanciful and differences btewn dragon and twist. I miss meaningful discusions so i am attempting to prompt some. Forgive my limitations Respectfully, marlon
  13. marlon


    The best of my learning in the last few years has come from students asking, why. Sure it has been great having my teacher challenge my fitness and coordination and the combinations challenging my abilities, but the deepest and best learning has come from the students and thier "whys" Of...
  14. marlon


    what is the best question about kempo that you have been asked lately? Mine was: when and how to breath in a fight. REsepctfully, Marlon
  15. marlon


    Can any one post some vids and / or explainations of the jujitsu parts of kajukenbo, please. How prevelant is this aspect of the kajukenbo training and practice today? Respectfully, Marlon
  16. marlon

    the real deal

    The term 'real deal' is brought up often here, probably due to the number of not so great martial art teachers out there who dupe people. But what does this term really mean? S/He sucks but has legitemate lineage? H/She is great but not good at business? Teaches stuff that kills, has good...
  17. marlon


    this is some of the best martial arts advice i have ever read and i wanted to share it: "The secret of joy in work (in life, and any task) is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it. "
  18. marlon

    skk animal /kempo's on youtube

    Anyone interested in posting some non combination techniques on you tube for discussion. Although, my understanding of skk is in ...evolution, it might be fun anyways. I know there are some who do not like the animal designation of some techniques...and as i said we would be posting for...
  19. marlon


    I would like to address this question to those seniors of American Kenpo who personally knew and learned from Mr.Parker: recognizing his genius and holding to the addage that one honours those that came before us not merely by imitating them but seeking out what they sought, what were some of...
  20. marlon


    Hello Doc, which pressure points does SL4 consider the most important to learn? Are they in your forms? Do you teach them outside of techniques? What sources would you recommend outside of SL4, as a good source to learn these well with type and angles of activation? I know i am now up to 10...
  21. marlon

    macrocosmic orbit

    I am not sure how much this is emphasized in taiji. My first qi qong teacher was a Wu taiji master and he taught me to do both the microcosmic orbit and the macro outside of taiji b/c i did not "have the time to train in taiji then". He pointed out that the higher levels could only bwe...
  22. marlon

    master key

    This was given on another thread, i would like to know your opinions on what is the 'master key' spoken about and you general opinon on the article. Many thanks Marlon 'There is a Master Key to Tai-Chi Chuan. Possessing it, if we are willing to devote time and energy to practice, we can...
  23. marlon

    internal training

    So aside from a good teacher (ha!) what do you think is the most important aspect in the practice of internal training? Respectfully, Marlon
  24. marlon


    Master Conatser, What is the most important thing you have learned in the last tren years about kenpo? What is the most significant change/ addition to your training in the last ten years? Respectfully, marlon wilson
  25. marlon


    Do any of the seniors know Ark Wong and Jimmy Woo's opinion on internal training? and if they taught any to Ed Parker sr. and his thoughts and opinions of this material and typr of material? Respectfully, marlon wilson
  26. marlon


    Does any one have an explaination of why Chen style has so many different forms and Yang pretty much sticks to the one...? Respectfully, Marlon
  27. marlon

    kempo and taiji

    i am not sure if it deserves its own thread but does it not seem like many many kempo people do taichi...especially the higher the ranking? Does anyone care to speculate why? Marlon
  28. marlon


    I keep asking Doc these questions..well because i get very instructive answers; however, i want to mention, out of respect for the other 'seniors' here, that i am not an epak person so i do not know to whom else i would adress these questions. Doc has repeatedly taught me to respect his opinion...
  29. marlon

    bo form

    I learned the first half of a 32 movement bo form from Luc Poirier when he was with msdc. Does anyone know this form. I would like to have all of it. thanks Respectfully, Marlon
  30. marlon

    super excited

    Ha!!! not long ago i was lamenting that my children were not motivated about kempo at all....Now both have decided to take classes!!! I am supoer excited and proud. My wife recently re started as the whole family is doing kempo!! I love it! i just had to share Marlon