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  1. marlon

    SKK Combos and Various Attacks

    I like the back “down” concept instead of back up. Prof. teaches the initial block as almost a duck / slip with a small step back in-order to drop your height. Now this position allows better control of the attacker because the cw circular motion manipulates the shoulders not only preventing...
  2. marlon


    old post and I thought I had responded... in any case I think some people may have tried to match them together as a two person set but they were not taught that way originally. As for East and West, I have never heard of those and it is unlikely as the North / South model was based on /...
  3. marlon

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    This style comes out of Malaysia
  4. marlon

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    They are a very « traditional » school that are well focused of fighting skills. Their students are respectful dedicated and knowledgeable. So, a great learning atmosphere and solid fighting skills taught that are not heavily influenced by tournament sparring. All this, of course, is my opinion.
  5. marlon

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    If you have your wife to train with you them zoom and social distancing is less impactful for you. You both have each other to work with, practice and give practical resistance to each other for training.
  6. marlon

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    There is a great White Crane Kung fu school in Laval... Lorne Bernard is the head instructor.
  7. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    From the Villari marketing poster: As a result of Grandmaster Villari's varied wealth of experience and his dedication to seeking the ultimate fighting system, he realized each fighting system offered something both unique and special, and each also had its glaring weaknesses that would make a...
  8. marlon


    Nengli North and South were never a two person set as far as I know. There were attempts for tournament purposes to match them as there were for 1 and 2 Kata. I have never heard of East and West Nengli and it would not make sense. Much of the North and South stuff is an attempt to relate to...
  9. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    Draw in close and use the continuous destructive motion off a powerful yet mobile base with multiple strikes, while simultaneously manipulating the opponents upper, lower body mass and structural integrity until the threat is over.
  10. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    SKK principle 37. Simultaneously manipulate the adversary's upper and lower body. This is one of the fundamentals of SKK. Once you recognize this part you begin to see it in most “techniques” and it changes how you view and think about the applications of your forms. This is truly how to...
  11. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    Yes! The four ways of fighting is a foundational principle of SKK the same way the AK = speed hands
  12. marlon

    Questions about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu

    It is more important how you train and are trained. Find what you like and make it work. With COVID and social distancing training is different these days. We are on the West Island if you like. Also, Costa in CSL teaches Kajukenbo which is a related art to mine and he is an excellent teacher.
  13. marlon

    A big "Thank You" to Kyoshi Castelli explaining the 11 hands of buddha

    I took a seminar with GGM Villari on the 11 Hands. His version is different than the above, although easy to see it based on Plum Tree. In the seminar there was discussion and demonstration of distancing , footwork, positioning, execution of the 11 Hands and follow up strikes. Very interesting...
  14. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    Love this post. Would you consider the “four ways of fighting” a core principle? Using the four ways as a guide post or principle one can distinguish techniques that fits SKK and those that do not. It will also inform bunkai and understanding in forms. My search all those years ago that inspired...
  15. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    I recognize what you are saying about core principles but they are there. Not always taught or well articulated bit they are there.
  16. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    I mean both actually. However, not simply creating techniques and forms for the sake of 'more', rather to train, teach and understand the practice of kempo better. This may include removing material; grouping techniques; writing .... Matt's archive is an excellent addition to kempo as an example...
  17. marlon


    Opinions on the merit of GGM Ed Parker's book: the Secrets of Chinese Karate would be much appreciated. In terms of its benefits as a knowledge base, practical martial arts guide contribution to an understanding of kenpo and clarity of its concepts. thank you Marlon
  18. marlon

    Villari's Eleven Hands of Buddha?

    Hello all, I was taught that the 11 hands consisted of taking each blocking set of the Plum tree (after the opening) and mastering it. This would equal 10...then the 11th hand was to put them all together again.
  19. marlon

    honsuki and NCK

    Thanks. It is similar to mine as well. I don't suppose you know where he learned his version, do you? respectfully, marlon
  20. marlon

    Who is creating in shaolin kempo or in the rest of the ohana?

    One of the things that bother me about SKK and kempo in general is that it is difficult to grow within the art. Whether egos make an innovator claim a "new" style or the rest of the family start arguing that it is not SKK...we lose creativity. I find it sad that we can let an art stagnate this...
  21. marlon

    Upper-lower body disconnect

    all of the above and also, do the form for them and with them repeatedly. some students need to "see" before they can do. Do it for them slow and fast over and over again so they have a good "picture" or movie in their mind of what things are supposed to look like
  22. marlon

    Atacx gym variant of mace of aggression (mace and panther's fist) pt. 1

    Hello my brother. Love your work. However, I am not entirely convinced that you gave the first/origninal MOA a fair trial. the hand positioning that you corrected is almost identical to the original, you just added a different intent and the concept of regaining your balance which is not...
  23. marlon

    Shaolin Kenpo Castro's not Villari

    Interesting, we teach NOT to lean back with the side thrust kick. Upright and even leaning into the direction of the kick...
  24. marlon

    Where is everyone?

    the page won't open for me in either chrome nor safari
  25. marlon

    Where is everyone?

    Montreal, Canada West Island East Coast Shaolin kempo with more of a Chinese flavour.
  26. marlon

    Practical method

    Does anyone know this system of taiji? Any opinions, facts, and thoughts on it? Thank you Marlon
  27. marlon

    Determining the credintials of an instructor?

    is the last vid original method? It flows differently from what I have seen in the past...or is it just the man's personal flow...he moves very well...really excellent structural integrity maintained
  28. marlon

    After Training Kenpo/Kempo What Style Did You Do Next

    Still a student of my first love kempo, however, judo is a great compliment for me and taiji has elevated my understanding of kempo and skill set enormously and kajukenbo was a great eye opener for me as well....I want to learn the sticks but time and opportunity have not collided for that way yet.
  29. marlon

    Resistance in Kempo?

    I have been lucky with my SKK training. My first three instructors were women, and perhaps because of their reasons for starting to train, and perhaps because they had to go the the States to be tested by American men, they were all very hard hitting and intense people. (each school was located...