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  1. tellner

    A Scare. Learn from my mistake, and read the label

    I thought I was a little confused in my postings today. I just found out why. A prescription drug I've been taking for years just went generic. The new pills have twice the dosage of the old ones. I didn't read the label on the new bottle and got twice what I should have. There isn't going to...
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    Those "sell by" dates on meat mean something, right? Not so much
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    "I'm not a hero. I'm not a cowboy." You're an embarrassment

    From OregonLive A gun owner saw thieves leaving a store with stolen iPhones. He tried to shoot out the tires as they drove away "but it is unclear where the rounds ended up, though police said he fired in a direct line with the Gresham City Hall Max station and the adjacent Park & Ride"...
  4. tellner

    Forget Peak Oil. This is Really Frightening

    A paper about to be published (link is PDF) by the National Academy of Sciences makes a pretty compelling case that we passed peak water in the US about forty years ago. It uses a variety of accounting methods and definitions and gets pretty much the same depressing result with all of them. The...
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    At Last! Pakistani Militants and I have something we can agree on! I am also moved to shout "Death to Facebook!" nearly every day.
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    This is not a repeat of 1830 or 1980

    Vintage Enfields and bolt-action Mausers work just fine at long range. The chopped down version of what Mr. Stoner called the worst mistake he ever made, not so much. US Rifles Not Suited for Warfare in Afghan Hills
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    Don't bring a gun to a chairfight

    It's not what you have. It's what you're willing to do with it. Story includes video.
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    Old School! Traditional!

    Turn your expensive DSLR into a pinhole camera
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    Looking for your go-to equipment sites

    I need to get filters - polarizing, gray, sepia - for a non-photography project at reasonably cheap prices. Where do folks go for these?
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    They're never gonna live it down

    I'm sure the officers were following procedure. No beef with that at all. They probably don't deserve the PR grief they're getting. But they should probably change their names and find jobs far away from Blue Ash Ohio. Their brother and sister officers are never going to let them forget this...
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    In Which Steve Perry Reveals the Hidden Secrets of Tai Chi

    Secrets of the Long Wang Form Part I Part II Part III
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    Making the Rounds

    No caption needed...
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    When Self Defense Becomes Murder

    One of the things good self defense and firearms instructors stress is that you can't keep using force once the threat is gone. This story illustrates the point nicely.
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    Just all Farkin' Kinds of Wrong

    Fortunately, German authorities refused to issue a patent
  15. tellner

    Clear, To the Point and Loaded with Truth(tm)

  16. tellner

    A fine example of gun safety for the working criminal

    Folks, if you're planning on a career in the "informal economy" you need to develop a little bit of professionalism. That means being familiar with the tools of your trade. And part of that familiarity is making sure your equipment is safe and in good working order. I heartily recommend that...
  17. tellner

    Painful Trainers

    Guru Plinck has decided that our Silat is good enough that we can start learning to use it with knives. But a couple months of constant knife work has me scratching my head about practice knives. The class has pretty much settled on soft silicone rubber spatulas. Even with that I've got...
  18. tellner

    Victim Stabs Mugger, Accomplice Charged With Murder

    From a story in SF Gate: Let's see. The defender noticed something was wrong and didn't revert to denial. The attackers presented weapons and threatened to kill him. He escaped with only minor injuries and describes himself as having been in fear. One of the attackers died on his accomplice's...
  19. tellner

    Judges Jail Kids in Return for Bribes

    As of the 11th Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan of Pennsylvania were accused of accepting $2.6 million in bribes in return for sending kids to privately-run detention facilities. The for-profit prisons received extra money for each inmate. Now the two have pled guilty. It is estimated...
  20. tellner

    Autism-MMR Fraud: Wakefield exposed

    There is only one unforgiveable sin in science: Fraud Andrew Wakefield rode to fame and influence on the strength of studies claiming to show a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. He has been caught out falsifying the evidence on his original work that helped fuel the anti-MMR scare...
  21. tellner

    Zhenya Tabakov: Hero Zhenya was seven.
  22. tellner

    More on loyalty and respect

    Splitting this off from another thread There are two parts to this, martial arts and loyalty. Please bear with me because all of this is completely honest and straight from the heart. The two lessons go together. The second part answers the OP a little more directly. I. Martial Arts...
  23. tellner

    Another Reason to Avoid Processed Foods

    Turns out that HFCS - High Fructose Corn Syrup - has contains mercury.
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    Revenge of the Product Reviewers!

    Sometimes reading the reviews can be more fun than actually owning the product. Consider Amazon shoppers' comments on the Playmobil Security Checkpoint. And in the "people who liked this looked at that" category, the toy led me to one of the most, mmm, evocative book covers I've seen in a while
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    A Very Good Article by Scott Sonnon

    A summary wouldn't do it justice. Take a look at the original.
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    Nurse is Gonna Be in a World of Hurt

    Recent news item No matter what one's opinions on abortion or birth control I think we can all agree on a few things here... Performing a non-emergency medical procedure without the (conscious competent) patient's permission is beyond the Pale. Lying about it is an indefensible breach of...
  27. tellner

    Greatest. Rifle Accessory. Evar.

    Of all the places you'd expect to see an iPod I'm guessing the picatinny rail of an M110 sniper rifle would not be in the top ten. According to this article and another review the Knights Armament company protects the iPod in an Otterbox damage-resistant case. What songs would be on your 6.25...
  28. tellner

    Another "It's not the size of the dog in the fight" stories...

    ... OR two eight year olds iwth baseball bats pwn a grown man with a gun From the Orlando Sentinel I don't think this is going to help his status in prison
  29. tellner

    A Truly Heroic Cynical Curmudgeon

    Every year the nice people, err, acid-dipped pens at The Buffalo Beast come up with their 50 Most Loathsome People of the Year. This year they've outdone themselves. Conservatives will not like their basic political slant. But I think everyone can agree that they are witty, entertaining and as...
  30. tellner

    One of Those Once-in-a-Lifetime Chances warning: mild language

    I swear by all the gods that this is absolutely true and can take no credit for it since it was an act of Divine Grace that provided the opportunity. Some years back I worked as a Sysadmin for the Engineering and Computer Science School at a local university. My wife and I were teaching the...