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    Cold bluing a firearm

    My Marlin 1894C has some small areas where the bluing is worn, and I'm thinking of using a bottle of Skinner Blue which I bought once to fix it, but the instructions are a bit scarce. Yes, I am aware that cold bluing is primarily a cosmetic procedure, and don't result in the same rust resistance...
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    How good is this Cold Steel basic saber instructional?

    Just noticed that Cold Steel has a basic introduction in saber fencing out on Youtube. Lynn Thompson does the introduction, but it seems Anthony De Longis is doing most of the actual instruction. For those of you who do any kind of saber fencing or similar styles, how would you rate the...
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    Interesting video from the 1983 WTF World Championship

    Here's highlights from a match between Carlos Eduardo Loddo (Brazil) and Jeoung (South Korea): Something I imediately notice, is a much higher degree of punches to the body, than most competitions today, and even in the early 90's when I started TKD. And of course a lack of headgear.
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    The problem with Nikyo and Kote Gaeshi

    Found this little blog post on the AikidoJournal site on the potential problems of using techniques like nikyu and kote gaeshi against opponents high on drugs or full of adrenalin. Many valid points for any art that emphasizes these techniques, but especially the sister arts of Hapkido and...
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    The Fairbairn Smatchet

    As I couldn't find any threads dedicated to this iconic weapon of WW2, I decided to make one. The smatchet was a big military fighting knife/short sword designed by William E. Fairbairn. It was designed to be as brutal and lethal as possible, with the least amount of training, and is one of...
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    Subforum description / questioning the supposed 2000 year old lineage

    This subforum has the following description: I may be kicking a hornets nest here, but considering that most, if not all, of the early Tang Soo Do instructors had dan ranks in karate, and allmost oll of the early forms were more or less identical to forms taught in Okinawan and Japanese Karate...
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    Quality dan bong - Where to buy?

    Anyone who knows a place to buy a nice dan bong? So far I have only used a homemade one, but it looks a bit rough. Ideally, I would want one with Hapkido embossed into it in hangul. :)
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    Sellier & Bellot .22 CB cap (6mm Flobert).

    During my quest to find suitable ammunition for my "new" Sharps 1860 pepperbox pistol chambered for .22 short (mentioned previously in this thread), I decided to stay on the safe side, while at the same time try to squeeze as much out of it as possible within safe margins. Why? Because why not...
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    Antique Sharps 4 Barrel Derringer

    Just bought myself this Sharps four-barrel derringer in .22 short, mostly as a curiosity as I don't think I will risk shooting modern .22 shorts in it. Modern .22 short has much higher pressures than the original blackpowder .22 short, and this is also a gun that is 130 years old, so while it...
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    Rifle barrel threading - Internal vs external.

    I'm going to thread a Ruger 10/22 takedown for a suppressor. As it is the stainless variant without factory threading, and there isn't room for threading in front of the front sight, I seem to have two options, both involving going to a gunsmith. 1. Remove the front sight, have the barrel...
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    Statistics on most successful throws in Judo competition?

    Is there any kind of statistics available on which throws have the highest average successrate in Judo competition?
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    Attacked with a pointy object

    I wrote this in the Defence with a knife: To show, or not to show-thread, but since it is not really relevant to the topic of that thread, I am reposting it here as it took a while to write, and I think it could contain some useful lessons. Anyways, here is the full post as it appeared in the...
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    Golok questions

    I'm wondering wether or not to buy a Condor Golok Machete, as I know Condor to make quality knives, and I like the look of it. I't supposedly a quite thick blade for a machete, and I know Condor uses good steel in their products, so I don't really see any reasons not to buy it for the price...
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    Kukri Dance - Just ceremonial dance or actual weapon form?

    Anyone who know wether the Kukri Dance, sometimes performed by Gurka soldiers, is supposed to be an actual weapon form, or is it simply meant as a ceremonial dance? Three variations of it below:
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    World Hapkido Federation(s)

    Hello! I have had some questions regarding "World Hapkido General Federation" and why it only says "World Hapkido Federation" in English in the logo. Especially since there is another organization also going by that name. Both organizations logos below: As you may know, The World Hapkido...
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    Hapkido technique names in Korean.

    Hello! As I have been training both japanese and korean systems over the years, I have noticed that Hapkido-schools tend to not have the same focus on korean terminology for techniques as the various japanese jujutsu-based styles. Since I personally tends to remember techniques easier when...
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    The Kukki/WTF V-Neck dobok. When did it come into use?

    When looking at older photos of TKD practice in Korea, the practitioners used regular white karate gis. Do anyone know exactly when the current V-neck dobok came into use as standard training attire for Kukki/WTF TaeKwonDo? 1953 During the Vietnam War (original Korean Tigers): 1970 at Ji...
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    Greetings from Norway!

    Hello everybody! I just registered here, and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) many interesting and usefull discussions in the time ahead. :) A little about me: I live just outside Oslo, Norway, and I'm working as a psychometric assessment consultant within the field of aviation psychology...