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    What really makes a great Kung Fu teacher?

    I know there have been other threads somewhat touching on this before but just wanted to put this one out there. What really makes a great Kung Fu teacher? IMO it's more than just a great fighter, as we all know you could be a great fighter due to your own perseverance and training efforts...
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    Happy Dad's day

    Wishing a very happy and joyous Dad's day to every dad out there(and any single mom's that play dad at times). May you see the value in that crayon on construction paper coupon book and feel the hugs from your teenagers and for you dad's with older kids like me, that have kids of their own, may...
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    how do you treat visitors or how are you treated at other schools?

    Peace to one and all, I was just reflecting the other day on an experience I had last year when I visited another family/lineage school for a seminar with a well known Master as guest. I entered the Kwoon, approached the Sifu, very humbly stated who I was, my background and thanked him very...
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    Greetings to one and all

    Greetings to one and all. I'm looking forward to learning and hopefully sharing here on this forum. Happy Holidays to everyone. Peace to all, BFL