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    Recommendations Judo Phildelphia?

    Hi I live in Philadelphia PA and there’s a decent amount of Judo dojo near me. However I’m not interested in Judo as a sport I’m interested in the self defense. Seems like most dojo are competition based. Anyone recommend a dojo in Philly that’s self defense based? Thanks!
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    I Liq Chuan?

    Compiling a list of MA schools to visit next I stumbled across this that teaches I Liq Chuan. Never heard of it. Anyone have any comments or experience? Thanks!
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    Wing Chun Reform

    Been watching this guys channel and it’s pretty interesting. He talks about WC reform. 1000delight
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    Tai Chi Combat Self Defense

    Just curious. Since Tai Chi is a martial art for combat and / or self defense does anyone know how it was originally taught to be functional and effective as quick as possible?
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    Judo Self Defense

    Is there a lineage of Judo that isn’t for sport but for pure self defense? Thanks!
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    Goju Ryu Jitsu?

    There’s a school near me but I never heard of Goju Ryu Jitsu. Definitely know about Goju Ryu. Anyone familiar with it? Thanks! Goju-Ryu Martial Arts Karate School in Collingswood New Jersey
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    What Style is Best For Real Self Defense?

    I know there are different styles and schools. I visited a school last week and it was all Tai Chi like training for spirituality / health and wasn’t martial focused. Is there a style that’s martial focused? Thanks!
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    Looking at this school?

    Hi I know there are different KM organizations and off shoots but wanted opinions on this school. Thanks!
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    What Japanese MA is This?

    Hi beginner MA here. What’s the name of this MA? Thanks!
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    50 Year Old Who Wants to Learn To Box

    Hi don’t want to train competively but don’t mind light sparring and I’m 50 years old in decent shape for my age. Any suggestions on a 50 year old wanting to learn how to box? Thanks!
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    Martial Boxing Training

    This to KPM or others with experience. If there aren’t any teachers that teach this blend or hybrid of boxing / WC in my area, what would be the best way to train to incorporate and / or blend in both? Like I said in other posts years ago I used to train like this with the implementation of...
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    How to Find a Wing Chun School That is Modernized

    Interesting in Wing Chun but realize that it’s best to find a school that teaches real life applications and that Wing Chun could be modified to incorporate techniques like boxing and ground fighting. I’m in the Philly area. What’s the best way to find out if a school teaches not necessarily the...