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    tournament blues

    Its that kind of crap behavior that reduces participation at tournament unless the core group of master/GM are really just holding it to benefit their own students and increase bragging rights to increase enrollment and DoJang income. So if they are meeting their financial goals with in their...
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    tournament blues

    Are you saying the Ring Star system is being effected by cell phone even with hard wires direct to the computer or were the rings wireless from the corner judges? Boy you just went through what I have seen develop as a trend from spectators and others. In the future as referee chair I would...
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    Why you should never be a bully

    Many times bullies have abuse issues of their own at home or from others. It forms a pattern and a need for them to act out and take out their abuse issues on anyone they feel they can intimidate as a way to exact revenge on the person who is hurting them mentally or physically. Humans just tend...
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    Is it possible... 18-year-old person to have achieved 4th degree black belt?

    Sad to say if your talking about TKD its all about Time in Rank not training. Going backwards Time in rank at 3rd Dan is 3 years time in rank at 2nd Dan is two years and time in rank at 1st Dan can be as little as 12 months so that is only 6 years that puts them back at 12 years old starting and...
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    General Choi Invented Tae Kwon Do

    Exactly that is word for word what was said mine was a pitiful attempt to paraphrase with out encroaching on copy write issues. My second point is how not related to all research but when it comes to politics or opinions they change over a 20 year period and even in some case if still true it...
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    General Choi Invented Tae Kwon Do

    Indie: 15 Volumes with over 30,000 pictures? I would love to come see that someday!! General Choi stated that it took him 12 years of very intensive work to write the 15 volumes. I do like his opinions on breathing and on hand techniques especially the breathing and Ki Flow since I am a...
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    General Choi Invented Tae Kwon Do

    I have recently been working on sorting and refiling paper work from the last 16 years of teaching in this particular region and I cam across large collections of research and articles from a Grand Master who invited me to his personal private library to copy as much material as I could in about...
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    Usat perez complaint by bagshot

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    Slides and images of pressure point locations

    Arrows don't help much you need specific language that tells you specific distances from a specific point on the body and as it relates to muscles or insertion points related to anatomy such as LI-7 On the outside of the arm along the top edge, halfway between the elbow and the wrist for one...
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    Slides and images of pressure point locations

    Firs I am concerned that you do not have all you need if you are going to be teaching this class? You need to understand the health risks involved related to different PP applications especially related to those over 40 and how that may relate to your employers policies and skill in restoration...
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    article in korean taekwondo news

    That is why a good NGB is needed that will encourage large scale volunteer judging and refereeing education and participation. The only true score is TKO or technical TKO but that is not good for juniors even under 21?
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    Aflac fires Gilbert Gottfried after tsunami jokes via Twitter

    People need to understand that Aflac is a total rip off up here we say kill the duck. We paid into Aflac for 5 years and my wife and I had to have emergency surgery $40,000 our insurance paid the 80% no problem leaving $8,000. Aflac tried everything they could do to get out of paying anything...
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    Japan struggling to 'cool down' nuclear plant, minister says

    Having worked in a nuclear plant as a civil engineer certified to work in red zones that's as hot as it gets the plant I worked in was one of the safest and generated power at 5 cents per Kilowatt hour. The power company finally shut it down just tired of the bad PR and guess what replaced it a...
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    Fox News: We Report, You Double-Check

    They are not even smart enough to read or listen to what the other networks are reporting to give them selves a chance of at least being a good Parot? Geeese One lady on CNN from London kept reporting oh look at that a cruise ship on its side in the village when reporting about Japan. It was a...
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    Kyusho compressions, Evan Pantazi

    Thanks Bob nice video, Like your comments the best of which touches on the dynamics of combat related to Kyusho jitsu or small circle fighting. First flexibility in application which means you need to adapt to what works or presents itself (Targets of opportunity) to much of standard MA self...
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    Charlie Sheen

    When Charlies ex wife failed to say anything negative against him even when interview after the hotel hooker drug binge with his ex and kids staying in the hotel I knew then she is cutting him slack because he is paying over and above child support. I was shocked she allowed the twin boys not...
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    USTC Lawsuite against Kukkiwon

    Exactly and those who know him agree in fact every time he quotes his gospel he violates it on every point time after time. Calling people ignorant, racists or they are some how of lower value and should remain quiet and then when all else fails just claim you are some how in another superior...
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    Charlie Sheen

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    Charlie Sheen

    It would be nice to see Charlie discover a happier way of life after hitting bottom like Robert Downey Jr. who has been practicing MA for now 9 years and credits its with saving his life and giving him purpose to stay clean and sober. What I can't believe is people and some media being...
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    USTC Lawsuite against Kukkiwon

    The USTC has never once stated that they seek monopoly on anything or even want or seek to be the NGB which is implied by your 70% comment. USTC seeks to build an environment that promotes KKW education. They wish to have both family and a revival so to speak of bringing back many seniors and...
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    Knife Fighting Lies

    1. Rank, title, Historian, owner of club means nothing in a knife fight. Statistics have shown that a majority of even those who call themselves professional MA generally choke given a match up of one man who has injured or killed people with a knife and people who have cut and been cut before...
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    USA Coach punches Canadian in face after fight at US Open

    In the last 37 years including fairly recent all of the above and not trying to be judgmental but just pointing out we fall short of the philosophy and I would put Westernization and commercialization to fault but I could be wrong about that since the worst offenders have been Korean born...
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    USA Coach punches Canadian in face after fight at US Open

    Common Daniel are you really going to equate a man hitting a women bare fisted in public place the same as men getting out of control at a sports event? How about verbal? most domestic violence statutes state if you feel threatened verbally you can file? Isn't the WWE how many times have I...
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    USA Coach punches Canadian in face after fight at US Open

    Yes of course on both sides of the issue. But not about the quality of fighting. Also I did not mean all MMA fighting was good but anyone who understands marketing, money and media coverage and add budgets understands that MMA style fighting has far surpassed TKD with TKD possibly not even on...