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  1. ST1Doppelganger

    Martial Arts Training Room.

    Since purchasing my house last year I've been slowly putting work in to one of my basement rooms and am actually shocked about the progression of my little martial arts sanctuary. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    Cooking & Recipes

    I do apologize if this thread has been created before but I figured MT has a few cooks and it would be entertaining to share food pics and recipes. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
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    Detaining A Predator With Out Injuring Him

    First off my main foundation in martial arts is Choy Li Fut Kung Fu & Grappling but I have been training Aikido for a few years now and will say it helped me in this scenario. While I was at the mall with my family my wife's grandpa got tired so we were sitting at two small tables in the food...
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    Aikido Boken Suggestions

    So I've been researching bokens for my aikido training and was wondering if any of you guys have any personal feedback on the different materials the bokens are made from. I know white oak is usually the standard for most boken training but I've found some of the more exotic hard woods like...
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    Aikido video from my school that was filmed in slow motion.

    Heres a slow motion video of some techniques my aikido Sensei did last night. I will say I do enjoy how the Aikido is complimenting my Chinese Martial arts training an that I'm lucky to find an applicable Aikido style.
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    Time To Brew Some Dit Da Jow

    So are there any other people that brew their own Jow or equivalents of it on this forum?
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    Does Form Training Have Combative Benefits?

    I'm starting this thread since the value of form training came up in another TMA thread and I don't want to derail the original thread topic by focusing on this topic. The main question is do you feel that training traditional martial arts forms offer any advantages when it comes to combative...
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    Flat Breaking Boards

    I had an interesting conversation with a fellow martial artist last night involving board & slab breaking. First off im not in to board breaking but I have done a bit of it prepping for a test and actually taking the test that required breaking. After I finished testing I had allot of extra...
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    Aikido & Bagua Chuan cross training.

    I'm just curious to see if any other martial artist on this forum have cross trained in Bagua Chuan and Aikido? I now there's a controversial belief that some martial artist believe Morihei Ueshiba might have learned or at least observed bagua Chuan while studying Buddhism in China and then...
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    Wooden Dummy Video

    I figured I'd post this CLF Wooden Dummy Video Since CLF has multiple types of wooden dummies and I found this one pretty interesting. Check out this video on YouTube: Choy Lee Fut Gau Lung Sat MasterClass Instructores Abril 2013 - YouTube Sent from my iPhone
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    Had my first aikido lesson/experience today.

    First off ive always been interested in aikido and also always wondered how applicable it actually is in a self defense scenario. Since I've given up on finding a Kung fu school after I relocated residence i figured id look for a judo school since I love judo. I was lucky enough to find an...
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    Tom Bisio Bagua Concepts DVD's

    Disk 1 Ding Shi (Fixed Posture Circle walking) This disk covers the mud stepping and 8 standard palms while walking the circle with their applications. This disk also shows a small segment with a few palm changes but not in detail. Disk 2 Lao Ba Zhang (Old Eight Palms) & Ba Zhang (Eight...
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    Training For Loose Energy In Your Strikes.

    I figured it would be fun to discuss the concept of loose energy in our techniques. Loose meaning a strike with a whip like type ging or snappy ging. Do you feel that a loose strike is more powerful then a stiff strike? Do you feel that weight training hinders building this energy? How do...
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    Cross Training In Multiple Styles

    First off I know this thread has been probably made and over done many times before on this forum. I have noticed that allot of other threads main point are getting derailed due to cross training discussions and I thought id make a current thread for us to discuss this topic. So the main...
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    Spinning Techniques to Recover Your Fighting Stance

    Choy Lay Fut Complete Combat Theory- Spinning Techniques - YouTube I thought id start a thread on using spinning techniques to recover a dominant position. Whats your guys opinions on this type of strategy & do you train this strategy at all? Attached is a CLF video with a prime example of...
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    Food & Recipes

    I figured I'd start a thread for us to share food pics & recipes.
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    Your Method Of Pivoting & Structure Of Your Bong Sau?

    First off Wing Chun is one of my supplementary arts to my training so I haven't stuck around at one WC School for long. I have trained with 3 Different instructors & 1 senior training partner that are all from different lineages. I notice that there are some subtle & major differences between...
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    Thought I'd Introduce Myself

    Hello, I've been formally training martial arts since 1998 and started off my martial arts journey with Shoot Fighting, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, & Judo so i originally come from a Grappling/MMA background. I then switched to Choy Li Fut Kung Fu where I worked up to being one of my Sifu's instructors...