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    Funniest training I have ever seen :)

    I know that this video is mostly about elite forces then about martial art, but I just want to share this funny masterpiece.
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    Cinematical Promo to Vadim Starov's Russian Systema Spetsnaz

    Interesting concept of seminar promo :) :) :) It is so pathetic to use pseudo-trailers to get new clients for their "dojo".
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    Klichko or Povetkin? Who will win.

    What is your forecast for Klichko vs Povetkin?
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    Knife Fight of Special Forces Experts

    Hi, Guys! I found this video where two guys (named by author of the video as SPECIAL FORCES EXPERTS OF KNIFE FIGHT) fight each other with wooden knives. On a lot of martial art forums and on Youtube opinions about those guys is divided, one group of people saying that this is fake and those...
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    Female Boxing and Kickboxing - who is your favorite female boxer?

    Hi Guys! Who do you think next female boxing - kickboxing star? Please post some links to videos on this subject.