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    First Students of Mr Parker

    Thank you very much! I do believe that Ernie Goerge is the teacher I am looking for. Thanks again for the help. I respectfully ask for any useful information that may help me get in contact with Mr Goerge. jason_ensign@hotmail, 8587528051. I would like to begin my training again. Knowing...
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    First Students of Mr Parker in the photo bottom left, who is the person sitting on the far right and then the next photo to the right there is what seems a closer view of the same person? also in the video on you tube at minute four the man on the left who is he (EKP Tribute...
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    First Students of Mr Parker

    Does anyone have information regarding one of Mr Parkers first to early students. I very briefly trained (AROUND YEAR,2000) with a teacher who lived in southern california. He went by the Name Mr George. He wears glasses and is about 5 ''7. Small frame. He was private with his infromation and...