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  1. airdawg

    Primitive Fire

    Have you ever tried to start a fire without matches, lighter, or gasoline? I mean no paper, or any combustibles, not even a hot spark magnesium flint. Primitive fire. If you have, were you successful? There are many simple primitive techniques. exp. bow and drill, hand drill, fire plow...
  2. airdawg

    Movemen in firearms

    What movement do you employ in your fireams training? A good stance and draw stroke?
  3. airdawg


    What, or how do you feel about the US belonging to the UN? I do not take offense easily, and I am very curious to find what the MA's opinions are. Thanks
  4. airdawg


    Hello, I'm Airdawg I'm new to martial talk. I hope to meet all of you.