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    Beginner want comment on cane fight practice

    Hi I have been practice self defense with walking cane for the last 4 months. I posted a thread in Philippine Martial Arts section over a month ago and got comments. Since, I changed a lot and I don't think it's Escrima style already, so I post here this time. I changed to two hands holding...
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    What is circle punch?

    What exactly is circle punch. I went on youtube to look and this is the only one I found and I was told this is not right: Can anyone show me how to do a circle punch, I never heard of this in my days. I only know hook punch. Thanks
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    Strange problem with my right knee

    I never have problem with my right knee until lately. I am 68, so I am quite old to put in perspective. I have been keeping up exercise all these years after Tae kwon Do and still do a few sets of heavy bags and a few sets of air punching and kicking as aerobics. Everything worked out fine until...
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    Beginner in self defense using cane want suggestions

    I have been practicing self defense with a cane for about 2 1/2 months only mainly because of all the attack on older Asians lately. A cane is the most inconspicuous for a 68 years old senior like me. I mainly use my experience from Kick Boxing I practiced long time ago and watching some...
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    Help me choose a self defense walking cane

    Hi I am new here and I am new in learning self defense with walking cane. I have question on what cane to choose. I started out buying a cheap wood crook cane from Amazon, I tried hitting on heavy kicking bag and I broke it in like a minute, it just crack in the middle!! So I went to rattan...