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    Are there any Escrima clubs/classes in Hampshire,uk?

    Are there any Escrima clubs/classes in Hampshire,uk?
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    Hi, I have been interested in Martial Arts for 10 years but get nervous and worried about entering a class for the first time. On the couple of occasions I have attended a class I have never found the courage to go a second time. Any tips?
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    Precision Martial Arts School (Camberley/Aldershot) ???

    Hi, Does anyone have any info on, is a member of or experience of Presicion Martial Arts School in Camberley and Aldershot??? Thanks, Andy
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    Is it any good?

    I saw an article about Krav Maga in my local newspaper in the UK. Is this style any good and is it worth going along? Andy
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    Which martial art shall I choose?

    Hi, I am 32 and want to take up a martial art for fitness, self defence etc. but don't know which one to choose. I would like one thats good for fitness and well being, one that I would be able to defend myself if attacked by a chav and one which I can monitor my progress with belt and maybe...