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    Hip stretching injury

    Alright, so one day about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago, I was doing this stretch. I'm pretty flexible, so I needed to stretch pretty far to feel anything in my hamstrings. I feel tension in the hip joint (?) before a stretch in the leg. So, I'm doing this relatively slowly, and then my hip pops...
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    Super glue for blisters?

    I always get blisters on the ball of my foot if I practice for a while without any kind of protection for my foot. I am a beginner, so I know it will be this way for a while and I am also exploring ways to toughen my feet up over time. But since I am getting blisters all the time now and I don't...
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    Unsure of the art taught at my dojo

    I've been practicing at this dojo for sometime over half a year now, but I'm still not sure what art is being taught. I know it is either karate or taekwondo, especially since I have heard those two terms being used in the dojo. We do practice many kicking techniques including spin kicks and...